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Kate Shopping at Topshop!

Monday, September 26, 2011

When I was in London last I just assumed that I wouldn't be seeing anyone special.  As I stood near Buckingham Palace a motorcade came past and I am fairly sure I caught a glimpse of the Duke of Edinburgh inside...pretty sure--that was it.  But, for one lucky Tweeter, her trip to London landed her in line at Topshop behind the Duchess of Cambridge herself!

@GetWhatKateWore says that had she been paying attention she could have seen Kate's pin number when she checked out, that is how close she was!   Below is the story generally sketched by her tweets:

I am linking to her facebook page at the bottom of the post for those who want to follow up!

@GetWhatKateWore says that Kate was wearing the same jeans and boots from the pictures that came from her salon trip, and the Katherine Hooker jacket that she wore with at the Cheltenham Festival right before her 2007 split from William.

Then Kate Middleton and William at the Cheltenham Festival. 2007 

Apparently, Kate bought the below jacket as well as a polka dot skirt and earrings.

If there was doubt before, this picture of Kate leaving the salon clears it up.  She is accompanied here by her female security guard we have seen since her engagement.

Thrilled that pictures are indeed recent and that Kate is wearing the suede boots again!  As you know, I was really worried we wouldn't be seeing those again, but Kate hasn't changed too much.  :)  I am fairly sure she is wearing Aquatalia by Marvin K, since I have the same pair in brown.  She wore these often in the run up to her wedding last spring.

Check out WhatKateWore's Facebook page for more updates on the polka dot skirt and any other news she has about rubbing shoulders with royalty!

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  1. That was a great jacket, but I would consider it brown rather than green, imo.


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