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Kate Wears Red at Another Wedding! [Updated Photo]

Sunday, September 25, 2011

[Update]  This full front shot is so pretty.  The dress just gets lovelier and lovelier to me.

Well, we were all breathlessly waiting for this coming Thursday for our next Kate sighting, and we got a bit of an early treat.  Kate showed up as a guest at a wedding of close friends in a stunning red lace dress.  This dress hits way up the charts for me.  It certainly has been the year of lace for Kate, hasn't it?  She stunned us all in her phenomenal wedding dress and followed that strongly with several lace embellished dresses on the Canadian tour. I am a major fan! She has worn this genre of fascinator many times.  It is lightly reminiscent of that maple leafed concoction from Canada Day, and also reminds me of the black fascinator she wore to several weddings back in the 2005 times.  It is in no way eye-catching, which is good since the dress is busy enough in its own right.

Duchess of Cambridge. Ikon Pictures via Daily Mail

Kate never used to wear visible platforms--I actually laughed at Lifetime's inauthentic costuming for that, but it is interesting to see her style evolve.  I love platforms, so I am pleased, and she looks great.  They look colored to me, I know in another shot they seem black, but honestly they seem to have depth to me.

Kate Middleton in red Issa. Via Daily Mail.

I haven't seen her wear something so striking to a wedding since the last time she wore red in 2010 at another friend's nuptials.  Usually we all like to point out how sensitive she is to the bride's spotlight by wearing a low-key or recycled piece.  Ultimately, I suppose you can only go low key so many times, and only recycle so many outfits when you are the Duchess of Cambridge.  Maybe it is as simple as Kate wears what suits her and what she is comfortable in.  I am sure there was a concerted effort at Zara's wedding not to steal the spotlight.  As the more prominent royal bride of the year, I think that was quite appropriate in that instance.  For all other cases, Kate is going to shine no matter what, so if I were a bride I would just as soon have her wear something stunning that people refer back to as not, she will make front-page either way.

Kate, 2010 in Issa

All that to say that the last time she wore red she hit my SuperStar looks with the dress.  When I shop for a wedding that is the goal I shoot for...and never reach.  Somewhere in my packed moving boxes is the issue of Hello! from that event, and am I glad I purchased it, because for some reason the pictures are incredibly sparse!  I can barely find them anywhere.  So above are several hard won images for your viewing pleasure. She was stunning at this wedding, in what I remember as yet another of her many Issa dresses.

Duchess in Red via Daily Mail
This most recent dress is, frankly, almost as stunning, the hair is more proffesionally coiffed, the heels trendier, but all the marks of the Kate of old.

So excited to see what she wears Thursday!

'Till next time...

Kate Middleton 2010


  1. I loved the original red dress, but the color on this dress is a richer red which I really like. Why didn't you comment on Pippa being at the wedding?

  2. Thanks for your post! Sorry, it has been a very busy week for me. I decided to put off Pippa's appearance 'till I did the post on her--hope that was ok. :)


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