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The Pippa Middleton Fashion Show: Mid-September.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ok, time for that Pippa post.  She goes to work, she gets photographed, you know the deal.  It is an interesting if seemingly unending fashion show.  Some great hits and some major misses.  So, let's get caught up keeping in mind a few dates might be off.

September 13th: From a distance, the skirt kind of looks like the print on my brother's pajamas when we were eight.  I mean on closer inspection they are flowers, but you see what I am saying.  Like the jacket, not a fan of the ruffle on the skirt.

September 14th.  Love the dress, like the jacket, but no to the boots.  Kate wore similar style boots to the Anglesey boat christening, but she wore them with stockings.  Somehow it just worked better for me then. 

I loved it even better when she took the jacket off a little later.  The dress is a bit reminiscent of the Joseph dress Kate wore to the opening of her bridal gown display.

September 15th.  Big score if a little on the short side. Lace is definitely popular and I love the bag matching the shoes.

September 16th.  More casual look from the day before.  I am already on record regarding the jeans, not a fan.  Hmm, London Fur Company...  I wonder if PETA will send Pips a letter, too. :) (PETA wrote Kate about William's birthday gift to Harry.)

September 19th was a highlight.  Pippa was front row at the Temperley show at LFW.  The dress is super cute standing up, but way too short for sitting front row so a wardrobe malfunction ensued.  (Which I am not going to show.)   She looked lovely and her hair was very, very curly and cute and Pippa was all smiles.   

September 20th.  Casual and back to work in leopard print.  I am on a bit of an animal print kick right now myself, so I can definitely work with this.

September 22nd.  Absolute favorite of this batch.  Pippa looks like she stepped out of a Ralph Lauren catalog and it is fantastic.  Everything is perfect, the brown with the beige, the orange purse and high boots--she looks great!  See creepy photographer behind her in second photo...

September 23rd.  Pippa looks ready for Halloween in what looks like the boots from earlier in the week and the infamous jeans.  

And lastly, Pippa was at the wedding that Kate and William attended and she was with her boyfriend, Alex!  They looked great together and lots of friends are saying that they will be making the trip up the aisle next.  We spent years saying the same thing about Kate and William, so I am going to just wait until there is an announcement to get too exited.  There is only so much energy.

Pippa Middleton and Alex Loudon. Ikon Pictures via Daily Mail
Not to leave you without some Kate chatter.  People are pretty worked up about the four hours that Kate spent at the salon the day before this wedding.  Four hours doesn't strike me as all that long when you consider what a normal straight forward cut and dry takes at the average salon.  Particularly if Kate is getting subtle highlights, as many speculate.

Also, reports are saying the Anna Wintour is really pulling out the stops to get Kate on the cover of Vogue.  No surprise there, who wouldn't!  Let's all wish Anna luck in this endeavor!  

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