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Kate's First Solo Engagement!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Get out every varying adjective that denotes stunning, people, once again we will be exhausting the list! Because of the death of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Prince Charles flew east to pay his condolences, but left a reception without a host...or hostess?  Rumors were circulating madly that the news to be released was a pregnancy report, but we will have to wait for that one.  Instead, it was announced that Kate took on her first solo engagement last night for the Prince of Wales at Clarence House.

As usual, she was absolutely stunning!  The dress looks cool blue/silver to me, although designer and official details of the dress have not been tracked down yet.  Kate seems to be gradually adding the bling--as you can see, in addition to what appear to be some gorgeous drop earrings she is also wearing a seemingly matching or complementing bracelet.  The hair partly swept up rather than down as usual seems perfect to add a little formality as well as highlight the lovely detailing of the dress's straps.  Again, I think the Duchess hit the perfect balance on this dress.  When do I not, though?  (Ah, there was that time...)  [Updated: Twitter experts are saying the dress is Amanda Wakeley]

This is a lovely and short blurb from People with a few more details of the evening: People Article.  The charity, In Kind Direct, "redistributes surplus goods from manufacturers and retailers to UK charities working at home and abroad ."  The below segment from the article is really cute.

"She said she had already called her mum to tell her about us in case Party Pieces [the family's children's party company] had surplus products."

Earlier this week Kate was spotted out and about in London.  She popped into Starbucks as well as some shopping and was seen at the Victoria and Albert Museum which is on the Brompton Road.

In this last shot we get just the smallest glimpse of what looked to be some fantastic shoes!

This Week's Kate News!

Friday, October 21, 2011

As most of you know, I have been waffling all which ways on how much time to put into the blog these days.  I don't have time to constantly blog, but I can't walk away all together!!  So, this is my compromise.  I am going to compile the interesting and pertinent news every week, and also write a post for those occasions that seem post worthy!  Hope you enjoy and many thanks to those of you who have emailed!  I am so glad you all enjoy From Berkshire to Buckingham!


This article is for the pictures, not the far-fetched story.  Pippa danced with someone other than Alex?  This should not be a surprise.  Pippa needs better tailoring and to take a cue from her sister on how to show enough, but not too much.
Daily Mail: Pippa at Boodles Boxing Ball

Already covered in a blog post, but more details about the actual event for those who are curious.
Daily Mail: Kate and Will Attend Charity Gala

Prince William's recorded YouTube video on preserving parkland. Video and article.
The Telegraph: Duke of Cambridge on Parkland [Video]

More coverage of the stocking trend fueled by Kate. I just don't think legs should be bare in the winter.  It's better for everyone all around!
Daily Mail: Kate and the Rise of Nude Tights


Kate sent a lovely letter to the little blond boy she met at Royal Marsden.  This is a very sweet story.
The Mirror: Kate's Letter
Daily Mail: Kate's Letter


Prince William is the most influential man in the world?  Ahead of Steve Jobs?  Hmmm, who voted in this poll?  I think he has sway and I think he is an awesomely cool for the modern monarchy, but this is taking that a bit far.  Influential? Yes.  Most influential? No. Sorry. The end.
Express: Prince William Most Influential Man

Now, it is more reasonable to award him this title in Britain.
CTV News: William named Britain's Most Influential Man

This article starts off repeating the news that the couple ride about London on bikes and ends with the endless weight debate, claiming she has put on a dress size.  Nowhere do they justify the imperative headline.
STV: Kate Middleton tells Prince William to get on his bike

Wasn't this reported months ago?  Why is it popping up again like it is breaking news?  I don't know, but in case you forgot, Kate and Wills love Downton Abbey.  As do we all...
Telegraph: Cambridges Love Downton

Little Harry news...


I don't think many people would have believed this could happen a year ago.  The popularity of the Royal Wedding is making an impact here.
BBC: Change in Succession Law likely to be backed by Commonwealth

To further support the idea that Kate and Will's relationship is making an impact on the way people view the monarchy...
The Australian: Kate Changes the Monarchy

Is anyone else a little tired of the bizarre Pippa stories?  She danced the night away?  That's a bit of a leap.
Vanity Fair: Lady in Red!

Daring Dress for Royal Kate

Friday, October 14, 2011

TRH Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. From The Daily Mail.

Over her tenure as a royal girlfriend, Kate Middleton developed a careful fashion sense and style both in her day wear and in evening apparel.  Many fashion pundits thought her much too reserved, but if there was one thing Kate dared to do it was flash stunning necklines.  Some of Kate's most beautiful evening gowns are the perfect example.  At her first evening gala after she became HRH the Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, and Baroness Carrickfergus she debuted a stunning dress, but with an out of "style-character" high neckline, and continued that trend at the BAFTA night.  I wondered if it was her new preferred look, but last night the Duchess wowed again in a Beulah London evening gown with a plunging neck like the old days.  As a singleton, her evening gowns showed more skin all around, but Kate has added a royal twist wearing a dress with full sleeves. Lovely balance!

This seemed the perfect night for an Issa, and although everything about the dress is very much of Issa ilk, it is another label.  Although, some of my readers do not think Kate has moved on from Issa-- time will tell, but I am inclined to think we will see Issa rarely, if at all.  Tonight seems to be a further indicator of that.

This little surprise appearance has certainly made my day!    Also in C&W news, the two apparently use Boris Bikes to pedal around London--presumably anonymously?  Well, not anymore!  Every tourist and royal fan will be scanning passing bikes hoping to catch a glimpse of the newlyweds.  Wills must be mad. Ah well, they can always resort to the motorcycle, I suppose.  Nothing lends anonymity like bundles of protective gear and full helmet.  Of course, nothing says, possible death trap, like that either, so you win some, you lose some.
See story at the Mirror here.

Wondering when you will catch another glimpse of the glowing Kate?  @liltinglimes suggests this December 5th charity evening as a possibility:

See link here.

To close, humorously written, but with tips we could all use, read this article from the Telegraph on how to get in and out of a car like a princess. Every lady should know...