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This Week's Kate News!

Friday, October 21, 2011

As most of you know, I have been waffling all which ways on how much time to put into the blog these days.  I don't have time to constantly blog, but I can't walk away all together!!  So, this is my compromise.  I am going to compile the interesting and pertinent news every week, and also write a post for those occasions that seem post worthy!  Hope you enjoy and many thanks to those of you who have emailed!  I am so glad you all enjoy From Berkshire to Buckingham!


This article is for the pictures, not the far-fetched story.  Pippa danced with someone other than Alex?  This should not be a surprise.  Pippa needs better tailoring and to take a cue from her sister on how to show enough, but not too much.
Daily Mail: Pippa at Boodles Boxing Ball

Already covered in a blog post, but more details about the actual event for those who are curious.
Daily Mail: Kate and Will Attend Charity Gala

Prince William's recorded YouTube video on preserving parkland. Video and article.
The Telegraph: Duke of Cambridge on Parkland [Video]

More coverage of the stocking trend fueled by Kate. I just don't think legs should be bare in the winter.  It's better for everyone all around!
Daily Mail: Kate and the Rise of Nude Tights


Kate sent a lovely letter to the little blond boy she met at Royal Marsden.  This is a very sweet story.
The Mirror: Kate's Letter
Daily Mail: Kate's Letter


Prince William is the most influential man in the world?  Ahead of Steve Jobs?  Hmmm, who voted in this poll?  I think he has sway and I think he is an awesomely cool for the modern monarchy, but this is taking that a bit far.  Influential? Yes.  Most influential? No. Sorry. The end.
Express: Prince William Most Influential Man

Now, it is more reasonable to award him this title in Britain.
CTV News: William named Britain's Most Influential Man

This article starts off repeating the news that the couple ride about London on bikes and ends with the endless weight debate, claiming she has put on a dress size.  Nowhere do they justify the imperative headline.
STV: Kate Middleton tells Prince William to get on his bike

Wasn't this reported months ago?  Why is it popping up again like it is breaking news?  I don't know, but in case you forgot, Kate and Wills love Downton Abbey.  As do we all...
Telegraph: Cambridges Love Downton

Little Harry news...


I don't think many people would have believed this could happen a year ago.  The popularity of the Royal Wedding is making an impact here.
BBC: Change in Succession Law likely to be backed by Commonwealth

To further support the idea that Kate and Will's relationship is making an impact on the way people view the monarchy...
The Australian: Kate Changes the Monarchy

Is anyone else a little tired of the bizarre Pippa stories?  She danced the night away?  That's a bit of a leap.
Vanity Fair: Lady in Red!

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