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Casual Kate Shopping at Zara

Friday, November 18, 2011

Kate on November 18th. Via

I like these candid shots almost more than I like official engagements.  Kate on down time and getting some shopping in at Zara.  Fabulous black ensemble, including boots, and she is lookin' good.  She seems to like wearing black to shop, remember the Issa dress a few weeks before the wedding? 

There were only two shots, but they will do!  In case you missed the news, Kate and William will be joining Charles and Camilla at the Royal Albert Hall on the 6th of December for a charity concert.  Also, isn't it fun to see Kate on covers in the grocery store again, even if the stories seem a bid ludicrous?



  1. actually there were 4 pictures!! :)

  2. Hi Lauren! Thanks for visiting the blog! If you look at the close-ups, you'll see that they are zoomed sections of the same still shots. Same position of the hands, expression on the face, etc... I always get so excited and then realize, no. :( Oh well, I was happy with two at least!

  3. haha i didn't even notice that! :P


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