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Fashion Forward Kate

Friday, November 11, 2011

Full of laughter, Duchess of Cambridge on November 10. Via Daily Mail.

Kate's BAFTA dress was Grecian, this is a bit of something else.  In a custom made Jenny Packham, tonight seemed to be Kate pushing her fashion comfort zone.  This is certainly edgy for the Duchess, who in the past has shown a delight in patterns of symmetry and geometry.  Not only is this dress asymmetrical, her hair is interestingly one sided as well.  This actually isn't a huge hit with me.  Perhaps for a different event it would have gone over better, or if she had her hair up in an elaborate do that added formality, but to me she kind of looks like she has stepped out of the shower.  She looks beautiful, but out of place.  Or if the extra bit of fabric wasn't floating about on the side... Maybe the hair and dress together are throwing me off.  I can't love it every time--that would just get tiresome.  Still this beautiful picture from the Daily Mail is perfect.  Beautiful lighting of the laughing Duchess.

It was also confirmed today that William will be posted to the Falklands in 2012 for February and March.  Pretty convenient timing, he won't miss Kate's first Christmas at Sandringham, nor New Year's with his new wife, and will even be home to celebrate Kate's birthday on January 9th.  Other than Valentine's Day, nothing ever happens those two months anyway.  This isn't some terrible parting, plenty of wives suffer longer and harder separations when their spouses are deployed.  Nor does this definitely settle the question of Kate's pregnancy.  It seems she could get along without him for a few months in either condition.

Next up, William and Kate on November 13th for Remembrance Day.

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