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Kate Wears Peace and Love Shirt Dress

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No really great pictures emerged from today's reception at Buckingham Palace, so it is a little tough to get the full feeling of Kate's dress.  This seems one of those fashion choices that could use a full shot to its advantage.  As it stands, I am not a huge fan.  It's the peace sign pattern on the dress.  No on so many levels.  It has been suggested, and I choose to accept this interpretation, that Kate was subtly messaging the press, for whom the reception was given.  That seems to mitigate the seemingly bad choice a little, but but even so...

The dress as advertised on the Mulberry website is not appealing in itself, but often Kate transforms even the most unpromising items; this didn't make the cut.  It is just trying to incorporate too many trends and falls considerably short. Usually when Kate wears something I am not instantly wild about it gradually grows on me.  The more I look at this dress, the happier I am there were only several shots.

If you hadn't heard, the DM ran a story on Kate making a private visit to a school a week or so ago. There was a grainy cellphone snap taken by an onlooker.  She is dressed down in jeans and a cowl necked sweater.  See article here.

The reports from this evening were all very positive.  Apparently, the Duchess was relaxed and smiling, friendly and very chatty.  Whatever the drawbacks of the dress, that color is fantastic on her and she was glowingly lovely.

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  1. her skin glows!! i wish i could be that naturally radiantly beautiful!!!


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