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Remembrance Sunday 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Royal Family observed Remembrance Day as usual this year at the Cenotaph at Whitehall in London.  The spouses all stood on the balcony of the Foreign Office and observed.  Kate looked appropriately somber in her choice of attire, while still continuing to push her fashion line a little farther.  This hat is quite unusual.  It reminds me of hats from the Scarlet Pimpernel or a toned down hat from The Duchess.  This Duchess pulls it off very well and it really highlights her youth, which is also nice.

Kate also got a little creative with her traditional poppy this morning, sporting two buds rather than the usual one we have seen her in.  The problem with these balcony events is that you never get the effect of the whole outfit.  This is the DVF coat on a model which should give you an idea, but just from the shots it is clear that Kate is continuing her penchant for double-breasted coats.  

Royal Spouses

Yesterday, Kate and William attended a meeting of  the Prince's Charities to get an update on what's going on with Prince Charles's various patronages.  Only several pictures were released via the British Monarchy's Flickr account, but she was wearing a dark blazer from Zara.

The Daily Mail reported today that William may be stationed in Scotland in 2013.  The post is RAF Lossiemouth which is fairly far north!  A lot can happen in two years time, but it will be interesting to keep on eye on this story.  Read the full report from the DM here

Lossiemoth (pin A) is above Balmoral.
Meanwhile, the news of Pippa's split from Alex Loudon is shocking the male world as friends claim it was Alex Loudon who broke off the relationship. Middleton girls do have a habit of getting back together, so let's wait a little while before writing the obituary.  Either way, as the country song says, she won't be lonely long.

Thanks for reading.  Have a beautiful and fashion-filled week!

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