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Royals in Denmark to Aid UNICEF [Updated Interview]

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Right off the bat, yay for gorgeous red coats and beautiful boots.  Today's visit to Copenhagen in Denmark saw Kate and William on a joint trip with another popular royal couple, Crown Prince and Princess Frederik and Mary of Denmark.  If you are not familiar with the Danish Royals let me give you a quick run down to get you up to speed.

Mary Donaldson becomes Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

Mary Donaldson was born and raised in Australia the daughter of a math professor and his wide, both originally from Scotland.  During the 2000 Summer Olympics, Crown Prince Frederik met Mary at a bar in Sydney.  They began a long distance relationship and in 2001 she moved to Europe where they continued to quietly date.  They were engaged in 2003 and were married in 2004.   

Their children are Prince Christian and Princess Isabella:

And most recently, their twins born in January of this year, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine:

Frederik's mother is Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.  Whereas William is second in line to the throne after the Prince of Wales, Frederik is Crown Prince and will be King when his mother passes away.  Still, certainly some similarities between the two couples. 

Mary is ten years older than Kate, but they both are known for their classic style sense and fashion choices as well as having middle class roots in common.  Princess Mary looked more business like today at the UNICEF facility, but in her deep winter red, I think Kate stole the show.

Princess Mary is wearing slacks in contrast to Kate's usual dress/skirt choice.  I wonder if Kate will move to occasionally wear slacks to official engagements...

Surprisingly, we heard from the Duchess today in a brief interview the four royals held with the press.  Much has been made of this clip and many think she did not do well.  I thought it was a rocky response, but to jump to any conclusions from that is hasty at best.  Interviews are very stressful, particularly when so much of the world will be watching and critiquing, and Kate knows how many of us are watching! She is obviously a smart girl, we know that because of her honors at university, her handling of herself, the fact that William--a smart man--was attracted to her, and from her engagement interview.  She just needs practice and to gain some ease with the position.  Give her time!  Clearly, Kate was shy as a Middleton and is still shy as a royal. 

[@liltinglimes sent me a link to the full video.  Kate was asked several questions and fielded them with lovely composure.  Most of the videos floating around only contained the clip of the response she stumbled the most on, a few too many "I thinks" and just a real feeling of tension.  When everything is together, though, she sounds just fine for an impromptu interview.  Again, this should not be a surprise given the engagement interview in which she was so good.  See full video here.]

Video with Kate's Response  (Note, this clip has been edited from the original version of her response.)

Kate and Mary seemed to get on very well.  There were too many to pick from, below, though, are some favorites.  See more pictures of William and Kate from today in The Cambridge Couple

Next event is the November 10th dinner. 
See you then! 


  1. About the "interview" She did good.

  2. i found her engagement interview to be painful to watch! she seemed so nervous, in her engagement interview, like she didn't know what to say....she didn't know what to she just said to much. I'm sure public speaking will get easier for her, it does eventually for everybody ;)

  3. After Wills and Kate, Mary and Frederik are my next favorite royal couple to look at. They seem lovely.


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