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Centrepoint: Kate Goes Classic in Ralph Lauren

Thursday, December 22, 2011

William and Kate visited Centrepoint this afternoon.  Kate wore a figure hugging turtleneck sweater dress by Ralph Lauren with her signature suede boots.  Several people have mentioned that it seems Ralph Lauren is a new addition to Kate's wardrobe, but let's hold on a second.  Kate pre-marriage days, essentially fresh out of University Kate, was a classical Ralph Lauren model.  Some pieces may have been Katherine Hooker or other labels, but Kate has been a Ralph Lauren girl for years.  This isn't so much a new trend as a return to her fashion roots.  If this dress does nothing else, it highlights how incredibly tiny the tall Kate is, and how absolutely lovely, as usual.  (William was the real shocker in his casual slacks and pullover.)

The couple cooked and danced with the residents--all very reminiscent of the scenes we got from the North American trip.  Their natural ease with people showed through, again highlighting what an asset to the British Monarchy this dynamic couple really is.

I think the most exciting news of the day throws back to the heartwarming image of the Canadian tour.  In what will prove in the future to be an iconic image of the Duchess, Kate was embraced by the adorable little Diamond, suffering at the time from cancer.  Today the news is that she has been declared cancer free.  So many prayers to this charming little girl and her family for her continued recovery and future health.  

Ah, the Helping Hand... 


  1. The last photo looks funny. I think you should resize those image that are too big.

    Christina @ Loafers

  2. Hmm, it may be your computer? These shots are all at their original size. (Now the beach ones have been blown up a bit, but the resolution on that last one won't be good no matter the size, but I can try to make it smaller. :))


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