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Kate's Classic Middleton Look at Royal Albert Hall

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kate struck the perfect note for the concert at Royal Albert Hall today in a black and white Zara dress and black jacket by Ralph Lauren.  It was quite the hit with me all around, including the black stockings and shoes combo I love so. This was very reminiscent of her first official appearance with William post engagement a year ago this month.  Remember the black and white Temperley she wore? 

Kate in Temperley December 18, 2010
Everything is perfect to me in this evening's outfit and it looks more like Kate before the Duchess than anything else.  Most of all, I just want to study a clip of Kate getting out of her car modestly---a technique I would like to master... 

Kate and William sat in the Royal Box with the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.  Richard Palmer from the Daily Express mentioned on Twitter that several times it looked as if Kate was lightly singing along but unsure whether it was appropriate in the Royal Box!  

Couldn't be more pleased with this classic Kate evening.  The Royal events surrounding the approach to Christmas are always so fun and exciting.  This is also the first red carpet-like event we have seen William and Kate at in London, that I can recall.  

Much talk has been made regarding Kate's upcoming debut at the Sandringham gathering of royals for Christmas.  I really can't believe it is as daunting as all the papers are making it out to be.  Kate seems very at ease in her position in the RF and although I am sure there will be moments of stress, to point back to the miserable times that Diana and Fergie went through does not take into account differences in circumstance and personality.  In any case, we all can look forward to an extra Christmas lift as we see snaps of Kate on the traditional walk to church Christmas morning!


  1. must be annoying to have to get out a car in such a way as to not let some pervy photog catch a shot of your knickers.
    PS she's so pretty, stunning actually !!!

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