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Kate and William in Mustique with Middletons

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Well, it is certainly time for an update on Kate.  The most important news is that William and Kate's little dog, the star of the show from the last beach walk, has been announced to be a Cocker Spaniel and not a Labrador.  People pointed out that the dog will be a nice companion for Kate while William is in the Falklands--his deployment is imminent, perhaps even in the next few days.  That may be why she was indeed holidaying with her family and husband in their favorite secluded locale, Mustique, this past fortnight.

All Over Press snagged some coveted pictures of the group both on the tarmac and by the beach.  I can't imagine someone somewhere isn't going to catch some flak for these shots, but...  What I really don't understand is how the photographer caught this great shot of Pippa, but not a one as good of Kate.

Kate's blouse in this particular shot caught my eye.  It looks like the one she wore on a shopping expedition some months ago.  I am still am not a huge fan, but it looks a much better here.

James has been spotting photographing the paparazzi on a number of occasions.  I am not sure if he is gathering evidence before he lawyers up, but it sure seems like he is doing it again here.

Expect to see an official engagement from Kate very soon.  She will spend her time while William is deployed officially visiting all her newly announced charities as well as putting in plenty of private time on them as well.  Kate did have her first solo appearance when she subbed for Charles late last year, but this will have a different flavor, both because it will be her charity and originally scheduled as her appearance and even more so if she gives her first public address.  I am skeptical that she will speak publicly yet, but I would be pleased to be proved wrong.  I guess she will spend her time in London or Berkshire with her family so there may be some off duty sightings as well.

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