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Kate in Lace at War Horse Premiere

Sunday, January 8, 2012

This evening, as scheduled, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the War Horse premiere.  Kate wore a classic Temperley dress to the event.  The bodice and neckline looked a little like a black throwback to her wedding dress.  It was drizzling lightly in London, and Prince William held a transparent umbrella over Kate to shield her from the elements.  As usual, they looked smiling and happy.  Notice how the lace of the dress is not attached after it begins the flare of the skirt...

via Daily Mail

This is Kate's first appearance since her much anticipated announcement of the charities of which she will be patron. As assumed, the National Portrait Gallery, as well as The Art Room, Action on Addiction, and East Anglia Children's Hospice.  None of these choices were surprising given her major in Art History from St. Andrew's and her obvious interest in women and children's issues.  Kate has already flown solo to a certain extent when she filled in for Prince Charles, the blue/green chiffon dress if you remember events by the clothes.  She has yet to do a public event that is all her own and we expect one in the coming weeks.  Most intriguing of all, when will Kate make her first speech? 

Back of the dress, via Daily Mail

A few photos emerged from William and Kate's quiet New Year's Eve celebrating with her family in Berkshire.  Kate was seen playing in the yard with the dogs, while William walked about in the usual uniform of the BRF when outdoors. :)  Clarence House has released a statement that Kate will be quietly celebrating her 30th birthday tomorrow.  See other photos from New Year's Eve at PopSugar here. 

Prince William visiting the Middletons on NYE

Last day of 2011
William's tour of the Falklands is fast approaching, but with her own charities to champion, and rumors that she will be accompanying the Queen as well, we will be seeing plenty of the Duchess.


  1. she looks beautiful. i think the dress is very nice, too :)

  2. She is lovely enough to pull just about anything off, but I do like this dress very much. There are degrees, and it is fairly high on the list.

  3. I absolutly love the back!


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