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Kate and Lupo in Kensington Gardens

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kate took her little dog for a walk on the public grounds of Kensington Gardens.  Lupo has certainly grown since we saw him last.  He romped about while Kate appeared deep in conversation with her royal protection officer who took the stroll with her.

"Miss Catherine" Visits Primary Schools in Oxford

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This morning The Art Room tweeted:

And that was pretty much how the day went.  Children excited to see Kate, and Kate looking just as enthused to be meeting them.  She was in Oxford today to highlight her charity, The Art Room.  She visited the primary school Rose Hill and Oxford Spires Academy.  Again, loads and loads of pictures of Kate with the children.  Kate was wearing an Orla Kiely dress that was yet another substantial and flattering choice for her.  I am just going to refer you all to What Kate Wore for some really fun insight on the designer and her links with Kate's charities.

Kate also wore her Aquatalia's from her very exciting official visit to Anglesey that kicked off the pre-wedding tour of the United Kingdom.

I love this photo here, where the children are holding up a poster board or something with different photos of Kate pasted to it from her February 8th engagement.  I don't really understand the thought process, "look at pictures of yourself!"  but is is very cute.

Kate received a number of different flower arrangements between the two schools--all so pretty and great splashes of color against her brown and neutral palate.  Flowers are such an awesome addition to a camera situation...

The front page news item of the day, however, proved to be the name of Kate's puppy!  She told one of the children the dog's name is Lupo, which apparently is Italian for wolf.  I figured it couldn't have been Charlie... Kate wore a specially designed apron with "Miss Catherine" printed on the front to work on crafts with a number of the children.

I fairly overdosed on the shots of Kate interacting with the children.  They were all so sweet and Kate clearly enjoys the time with them.  Pauline read my mind last week in the blog comments when she wrote the sooner William and Kate have a little one of their own the better.  I have to agree.  Kate looks a natural.

This might be the best picture of the day, so we will close with it. Kate and the Queen up next to get March off to a great start!

Valentine's Day with Kate in Liverpool

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day with Kate

With William away in the Falklands, Kate was in Liverpool today to highlight a few of her charities. Kate started the day with her Action on Addiction by visiting an alcohol free bar linked to the charity where she tasted a smoothie made in her honor.

After her treat she moved on to Alder Hey Children's Hospital and then to the Ronald McDonald House.  Kate spent loads of time visiting the children, as well as giving plenty of attention to the kids who had gathered for the walkabouts.

Kate was wearing a lovely Hobbs coat--a High Street chain, and an Oasis sweater dress underneath.  I love how she classically pairs black with brown. Such a great combo when pulled off correctly.  Something about these cold early months of the year are so different from the early months of winter at the end of the old year.  Every season is so distinctive and when I saw these great shots of Kate today I couldn't help but remember those moths before the wedding when she was touring the UK with William.  Today reminded me lightly of their trip to Anglesey.  Such a very exciting... amazing to see how things have changed in just a year.

The most memorable pictures from the North American tour were those in which Kate was interacting with children.  Who can forget the heart-melting Diamond Marshall embracing the Duchess on the tarmac, or the adorable little blond boy holding onto his flowers when William greeted him so he could present the bouquet to Kate?  She seems to be in her element with children and they in turn clearly idolize her.  One of the best shots of the day is the one below and Kate does not even physically appear in it, the sentiment carries it all:

Kate Middleton is now a princess, and they love her. I think we can all share that feeling.

There were too many charming pictures to choose from, it really was an overwhelming day.  Kate spent much more than the allotted time on her walkabouts and even joked she would get in trouble for the overtime, but her many young admirers loved it.  Here two little girls get their chance to hug a princess.

Ultimately, it seems Kate has her priorities straight, returning to the people who love her so much some of her time and attention--the loyal public that cares about her and keeps her family relevant in the modern era.  Well done, Kate.

Can you find Kate?  Just look where all the lenses are pointed:

Kate said she had received flowers and a Valentine from William earlier in the day.  We will be seeing the Duchess again next week and then in early March as well.  Plenty more to come.  Until then, Happy, happy Valentine's Day to you all!

Kate's Solo Engagement at National Portrait Gallery

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh Kate, smashing hit!  Tanned and relaxed after her tropical vacation, the Duchess of Cambridge could not have pulled this off better.  So, so lovely for her first engagement wholly her own as a member of the British Royal Family.  This dress strikes the right note between young royal and mature senior member of the family.  Kate used to wear these full skirts often, but when she married William she seemed to turn up more often in the fitted look.  The North American tour in particular seemed to solidify this pattern.  Those were lovely, but I am particularly fond of this classic style.

Kate's engagement was at the National Portrait Gallery, an institution of which she is now a patron, and she was there to view a Lucien Freud exhibition. Back to the outfit... On close inspection, it appears to be a subtle herringbone pattern, just enough for texture, without being obnoxiously overwhelming.  The star of this dress is that fantastic over-sized shawl neck.  Obviously, the big mystery us how in the world does she walk in any kind of dignified manner in those heels.  I can barely hobble around in 4inchers and these Jimmy Choos are purportedly 5 inches!  

Kate dressed the look up with glittering, yet not overly ostentatious, diamonds on her wrist and neck.  Beautiful, beautiful dress, by Jesiré.  The outfit is completely perfect--this girl never fails to impress. Up next, Kate on Valentine's Day!  Just when the world's best holiday couldn't get any better...

Healthy Glow
One last observation before I close.  Maybe it is the weight of the fabric, which obviously seems a heavier type, but Kate looks a little less waif-like today.  Even her face seems to have filled out--a hint of Kate Middleton in College look.  No intention of suggesting she ever has looked unhealthy, but she certainly looks great here. 

I don't like to clutter the post with too many pictures.  Check the facebook page for more, there are so many good ones.

Kate and William in Mustique with Middletons

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Well, it is certainly time for an update on Kate.  The most important news is that William and Kate's little dog, the star of the show from the last beach walk, has been announced to be a Cocker Spaniel and not a Labrador.  People pointed out that the dog will be a nice companion for Kate while William is in the Falklands--his deployment is imminent, perhaps even in the next few days.  That may be why she was indeed holidaying with her family and husband in their favorite secluded locale, Mustique, this past fortnight.

All Over Press snagged some coveted pictures of the group both on the tarmac and by the beach.  I can't imagine someone somewhere isn't going to catch some flak for these shots, but...  What I really don't understand is how the photographer caught this great shot of Pippa, but not a one as good of Kate.

Kate's blouse in this particular shot caught my eye.  It looks like the one she wore on a shopping expedition some months ago.  I am still am not a huge fan, but it looks a much better here.

James has been spotting photographing the paparazzi on a number of occasions.  I am not sure if he is gathering evidence before he lawyers up, but it sure seems like he is doing it again here.

Expect to see an official engagement from Kate very soon.  She will spend her time while William is deployed officially visiting all her newly announced charities as well as putting in plenty of private time on them as well.  Kate did have her first solo appearance when she subbed for Charles late last year, but this will have a different flavor, both because it will be her charity and originally scheduled as her appearance and even more so if she gives her first public address.  I am skeptical that she will speak publicly yet, but I would be pleased to be proved wrong.  I guess she will spend her time in London or Berkshire with her family so there may be some off duty sightings as well.

Until next time...