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Kate's Solo Engagement at National Portrait Gallery

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh Kate, smashing hit!  Tanned and relaxed after her tropical vacation, the Duchess of Cambridge could not have pulled this off better.  So, so lovely for her first engagement wholly her own as a member of the British Royal Family.  This dress strikes the right note between young royal and mature senior member of the family.  Kate used to wear these full skirts often, but when she married William she seemed to turn up more often in the fitted look.  The North American tour in particular seemed to solidify this pattern.  Those were lovely, but I am particularly fond of this classic style.

Kate's engagement was at the National Portrait Gallery, an institution of which she is now a patron, and she was there to view a Lucien Freud exhibition. Back to the outfit... On close inspection, it appears to be a subtle herringbone pattern, just enough for texture, without being obnoxiously overwhelming.  The star of this dress is that fantastic over-sized shawl neck.  Obviously, the big mystery us how in the world does she walk in any kind of dignified manner in those heels.  I can barely hobble around in 4inchers and these Jimmy Choos are purportedly 5 inches!  

Kate dressed the look up with glittering, yet not overly ostentatious, diamonds on her wrist and neck.  Beautiful, beautiful dress, by Jesiré.  The outfit is completely perfect--this girl never fails to impress. Up next, Kate on Valentine's Day!  Just when the world's best holiday couldn't get any better...

Healthy Glow
One last observation before I close.  Maybe it is the weight of the fabric, which obviously seems a heavier type, but Kate looks a little less waif-like today.  Even her face seems to have filled out--a hint of Kate Middleton in College look.  No intention of suggesting she ever has looked unhealthy, but she certainly looks great here. 

I don't like to clutter the post with too many pictures.  Check the facebook page for more, there are so many good ones.


  1. I actually thought the same thing as you. Maybe they ate some great food on vacation or she's pregnant.

  2. I LOVE these pictures!! she looks so beautiful- she's radiant!

  3. The Duchess is so stunning & beautiful. Everything she wears she is very stunning in it. She does look like she may have put on a pound or two but she is a very slinner woman. I also notice that beautiful smile but the little twikle she always has in her eyes when she is with her Prince does not seem to be there. I can understand why. The Duchess did a great job on her first solo engagement. Yes she filled in for her father in law but that does not count. This was her charity. YOU rock Duchess.



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