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Kate Walks Lupo After William Returns to UK

Friday, March 23, 2012

William returned to Britain on a flight that landed at 4am on Wednesday morning.  Contrary to initial reports, Kate drove herself to the airfield and picked her husband up and then the two headed to their London residence at Kensington Palace.

Later in the day, as William probably slept off the early flight, Kate was spotted walking Lupo in the public park.  William is due some leave now and I think it likely that the couple will take their time off abroad.  I know many of you feel that in hard economic times that would be foolish for them to do.  Since I think these photos of Kate, as well as any others taken of the royal pair off duty but in a public space are legitimate, I also think when they have time off they should jet somewhere private and relaxing to escape public attention.  

We will have to wait and see what happens, but it is rumored they will not be attending the memorial service for the late Queen Mother due to a previous commitment.  Whether that is code for vacation, or some discrete event, also remains to be seen.

Kate was also spotted earlier in the month walking Lupo. I would love to find copies of these photos with better resolution, but until then these will have to do.  Thanks to Lupo, I think we will be seeing lots of photos of Kate walking as time moves forward.  My biggest question about these shots is, what is she wearing on her feet?!!

Richard Palmer thinks we will be seeing more of William and Kate in official capacities mid April, and that is a reliable source.  The solo engagements were fun, but it will be nice to have William back in the mix!

Kate Shops at Peter Jones

Monday, March 19, 2012

After her speaking debut this morning all I could think was, I hope she relaxes after this.  It appears that is just what the Duchess did, as she spent time in one of her favorite department stores, Peter Jones.  There were only a few grainy images, but here they are.  Her scarf looks to be her Aquasctutum and that jacket may be the Emilio Pucci from her visit to Olympic Park, but that is just a guess.

I doubt we will see Kate on official business again for some weeks given the imminent return of her prince, as well as the Easter holiday fast approaching.

In unrelated news, this is the strangest picture of Pippa I have seen.  She looks downright angry and sullen, arms crossed in a defensive manner, no bag or purse... I know she can't always be thrilled with the paps. but this is still weird.

Kate's First Speech at The Treehouse by EACH

Obviously the most exciting part of today's engagement at The Treehouse children's hospice, run by East Anglia Children's Hospice (EACH), was Kate's first public speech.  Clearly fully written out--not by aids, but her own words--she kept it short and simple.  Everyone seems to agree she did a great job.  I thought you could tell she was nervous and there was a lot of hand movement which I am willing to bet we will see less of as she grows in the job, but so well done. I was really impressed, she was definitely together.

I will let Kate explain a little bit about EACH to you herself:

As to her outfit, it has caused light confusion.  Carole wore this Reiss dress to Ascot several years ago, when she also borrowed Kate's lovely fascinator.  There was disagreement as to which woman the dress actually belonged, but the Palace confirmed it to be Kate's.  She seems to really like this color, and the combo of bright blue and black.  I like how she often pairs that blue with black, but I just don't like this dress.

Kate spent a lot of time visiting with the children at the hospice.  As usual the Duchess looked full of joy and warmth and obviously caused excitement among the patients.  

Kate planted a tree while at the hospice and as usual performed a walkabout to greet the waiting crowds who had gathered to see her.  

After that speech, I bet Kate relaxes tonight and my guess is will very soon be seeing Prince William as well.  

Kate Celebrates St. Patrick's Day with Irish Guards

Sunday, March 18, 2012

This post is a day late--I just ran out of time yesterday, it was St. Patrick's Day, after all.  Kate performed her first solo military engagement by attending the Aldershot parade where she gave traditional shamrocks to 40 members of the Irish Guard.  Kate was obviously going to wear green, but in my mind the shade was a delicate matter. Kate hit the nail on the head when she chose this teal green Emilia Wickstead.  Anything brighter would have been kitsch for the occasion. The formality of the occasion certainly called for a topper and as usual the Queen of Great Headgear did not disappoint.  This is unusual without being overpowering. Accessorizing with brown in both the hat and the heels was perfect for the muted green of the dress and the gold of the shamrock pin.

The style of her belt reminds me so much of the belts SamCam wore during her recent visit to the U.S.  It leaves me wondering now, as it did then, how she gets it on. Is it clasped on the side?  It obviously isn't the front. It can't in the back...

Most of you probably remember the great debate that took place around this time last year.  Prince William could have worn the uniform of any one of the three branches of the military in which he has served or holds rank including the Army, Navy, or the Royal Air Force.  The big question was which one would he pick.  A lot of people thought it would most surely be the RAF because he was currently serving in Anglesey. As Colonel of the Irish Guards, he chose their bright red uniform for his wedding day.

I am sure this is one reason Kate has a fondness for the Irish Guards and yesterday was sure to be the start of a long history she will have with the regiment, as confirmed by St. James's Palace.

The above picture is included solely because of Kate's smile and body language.  Quite the flirtatious look for her day out with the boys, very cute.

Later while touring the barracks, Kate got to have a little St. Patrick's day sip of sherry.  Kate has an engagement tomorrow, which will be most exciting because it will include her first public speech.  I am sure it will be brief as she eases into this aspect of royal life, but nevertheless a milestone for which I know we are all excited.  I think it will be her last appearance before William gets home, which isn't a huge surprise, since he is due home very soon.  William was reported to be partying last night on what many think is the celebratory end of his time in the Falklands, so I imagine he will be back in the UK very soon.

To all my wonderful readers in the UK, a very Happy Mother's Day to you all!

Kate Joins the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall at Dulwich Picture Gallery

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kate and Charles share an interest in art, so it should be no surprise that the two of them, along with Camilla, visited Dulwich Picture Gallery and visited with children taking part in a program that introduces them to art.  All three royals were able to participate in some hands on projects which provided some great shots of Kate with her father-in-law who has called her in the past his, "darling daughter-in-law".

Kate wore Orla Kiely again, if you recall Kate wore a popular coat dress of Orla Kiely's to Oxford not long ago--refresh your memory on that look here. This dress is just as lovely in my mind and so flattering on Kate.

I had noticed a story the other day that really was cute and I meant to bring it up, but forgot. During his recent tour, Prince Harry referred to Kate as his sister, which was very sweet.  Before the wedding, the prince also said that he was excited to be gaining a sister.  Today, and very recently the engagement with the queen, all further highlight how well Kate has been welcomed and blended into the RF.

See a brief BBC video here.  We will see Kate next on St. Patrick's Day, right around the corner...

Kate's Surprise Visit to Olympic Park

This morning it was announced that the rumored private event Kate would attend before her Princes Trust engagement, was in fact a visit to Olympic Park to meet the GB Hockey Teams.  It was a fun change of pace for all Kate watchers as she donned more casual clothes and even played some friendly field hockey. Last summer the internet was buzzing with the story that Kate had purchased red JBrand jeans in the run up to her North American tour.  We waited day after day for the fabled item to make its appearance, but it never did.  Finally, I they may have emerged, although a more salmon color than red.  A lot of people love them, but I am not super excited. Kate is in great shape, and she is beautiful, but these were not intensely flattering.  She still looked pretty darn good, but on the whole, they weren't a hit with me.  The navy jeans from Canada looked fabulous, these just seem a tad too snug. (There is good snug and there is too snug.) Perhaps the lighter color is the problem... 

Kate arrived in heels, a navy blue blazer, and scarf.  This was such a fun surprise and visit.  After she changed into sneakers and hoodie to play some ball.

Kate has always been very athletic and field hockey was one of her sports so I am sure this was a trip down memory lane. At Marlborough, she was even captain.  

She was presented with a jersey with the usual Cambridge 1 on the back.  Throughout the visit Kate was bright-eyed and all smiles--very, very fun royal engagement.  This first picture below is particularly reminiscent of Kate's college and early post-college years and my personal favorite from the morning.  

Next post will focus on her visit to Dulwich Picture Gallery...

Diamond Jubilee Tour Kicks off in Leicester

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gorgeous and confident DoC joins HM and the DoE. 

Some women have it.  The ability to see pieces on a hanger or on a website, looking only ordinary or rather dull, and yet pull them together to make something stunning.  Kate stepped off the train in Leicester today with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh to kick off the Diamond Jubilee tour looking retroly fabulous in just such a concoction.  The outfit was from longtime brand favorite LK Bennett, a jacket and a separate dress.  It might help to have a perfect figure, but Kate created absolute magic when she mixed these two.

Interestingly, Kate once again did not shy away from the ruffled look around the hips that many women steer clear of, but that she always effortlessly pulls off. Perhaps that unexpected element contributes to this unusual and fabulous outfit. The royal trio had a packed day starting with a dancing performance at De Montfort University as well as a fashion show.  Right off the bat, this is a nice little video of Kate in action:

I think this look is saying, "I love Granny's ride."  The royals arrived by train, moved about the city by car, and took a helicopter home.  Talk about covering your transportation bases.  First on the list was a little multicultural dance performance...

Next stop was a fashion show where Kate and the Queen exchanged smiles and whispers throughout.

Kate looks quiet and attentive, but I really want to know what the Queen is thinking here.  Kate has a bit of a catwalk past herself, having (in)famously caught Prince William's eye when she strutted down the runway at St. Andrews dressed in a provocative see-through ensemble.  Whether that was indeed the moment the magic happened or not will probably remain a mystery for some years, but the show is factual and no doubt it crossed both their minds. Kate apparently alluded to the event as she was entering saying, "I have been to a fashion show before."

Lost something, your Majesty?

A service of thanksgiving was also on the agenda at Leicester Cathedral.

Kate and the Queen had lots of charming moments throughout the day.  They seem very relaxed and easy in each others company, or more accurately, Kate seemed comfortable with the Queen.  Her look was perfect, and after a disappointing in London the other day when she didn't wear a hat, Kate really kept her look polished with her hair partially swept up and appropriately accessorized with those $3,000 earrings.  As usual, perfect.

Another date has been added to Kate's calendar, she will join the Prince of Wales on March 15 as he introduces her to one of his many charities.  I wonder if Kate is just filling her time while William is away or if this is the start of her life as working royal.  (She reportedly said that she missed William very much and is getting lots of quality time with Lupo while she waits for her prince to come home.)  William will return to the UK fairly shortly, so I expect we will find out soon enough regarding number of engagements.  In the meantime, we have but to sit back and enjoy our fashion show from a lady with that expert eye for an outfit.