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Kate Celebrates St. Patrick's Day with Irish Guards

Sunday, March 18, 2012

This post is a day late--I just ran out of time yesterday, it was St. Patrick's Day, after all.  Kate performed her first solo military engagement by attending the Aldershot parade where she gave traditional shamrocks to 40 members of the Irish Guard.  Kate was obviously going to wear green, but in my mind the shade was a delicate matter. Kate hit the nail on the head when she chose this teal green Emilia Wickstead.  Anything brighter would have been kitsch for the occasion. The formality of the occasion certainly called for a topper and as usual the Queen of Great Headgear did not disappoint.  This is unusual without being overpowering. Accessorizing with brown in both the hat and the heels was perfect for the muted green of the dress and the gold of the shamrock pin.

The style of her belt reminds me so much of the belts SamCam wore during her recent visit to the U.S.  It leaves me wondering now, as it did then, how she gets it on. Is it clasped on the side?  It obviously isn't the front. It can't in the back...

Most of you probably remember the great debate that took place around this time last year.  Prince William could have worn the uniform of any one of the three branches of the military in which he has served or holds rank including the Army, Navy, or the Royal Air Force.  The big question was which one would he pick.  A lot of people thought it would most surely be the RAF because he was currently serving in Anglesey. As Colonel of the Irish Guards, he chose their bright red uniform for his wedding day.

I am sure this is one reason Kate has a fondness for the Irish Guards and yesterday was sure to be the start of a long history she will have with the regiment, as confirmed by St. James's Palace.

The above picture is included solely because of Kate's smile and body language.  Quite the flirtatious look for her day out with the boys, very cute.

Later while touring the barracks, Kate got to have a little St. Patrick's day sip of sherry.  Kate has an engagement tomorrow, which will be most exciting because it will include her first public speech.  I am sure it will be brief as she eases into this aspect of royal life, but nevertheless a milestone for which I know we are all excited.  I think it will be her last appearance before William gets home, which isn't a huge surprise, since he is due home very soon.  William was reported to be partying last night on what many think is the celebratory end of his time in the Falklands, so I imagine he will be back in the UK very soon.

To all my wonderful readers in the UK, a very Happy Mother's Day to you all!

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