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Kate Joins the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall at Dulwich Picture Gallery

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kate and Charles share an interest in art, so it should be no surprise that the two of them, along with Camilla, visited Dulwich Picture Gallery and visited with children taking part in a program that introduces them to art.  All three royals were able to participate in some hands on projects which provided some great shots of Kate with her father-in-law who has called her in the past his, "darling daughter-in-law".

Kate wore Orla Kiely again, if you recall Kate wore a popular coat dress of Orla Kiely's to Oxford not long ago--refresh your memory on that look here. This dress is just as lovely in my mind and so flattering on Kate.

I had noticed a story the other day that really was cute and I meant to bring it up, but forgot. During his recent tour, Prince Harry referred to Kate as his sister, which was very sweet.  Before the wedding, the prince also said that he was excited to be gaining a sister.  Today, and very recently the engagement with the queen, all further highlight how well Kate has been welcomed and blended into the RF.

See a brief BBC video here.  We will see Kate next on St. Patrick's Day, right around the corner...


  1. Fantastic photos which show not only how fond Charles is of Kate but also, how happy he is with Camilla. I know many people dislike Camilla but it has to be said that Charles never looked so happy with Diana. Annie, UK

  2. I am not a big fan of Camilla's and her indirect treatment of Diana by cheating with Charles was disgraceful, but even I smile when I see them together now. They clearly make each other very happy and it just goes to show how you should marry the person your heart directs--as interestingly, William has done. I wish Charles and Camilla the best and hope they have put the harder and uglier days behind them. Everyone should rest in peace now.


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