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Kate Shops at Peter Jones

Monday, March 19, 2012

After her speaking debut this morning all I could think was, I hope she relaxes after this.  It appears that is just what the Duchess did, as she spent time in one of her favorite department stores, Peter Jones.  There were only a few grainy images, but here they are.  Her scarf looks to be her Aquasctutum and that jacket may be the Emilio Pucci from her visit to Olympic Park, but that is just a guess.

I doubt we will see Kate on official business again for some weeks given the imminent return of her prince, as well as the Easter holiday fast approaching.

In unrelated news, this is the strangest picture of Pippa I have seen.  She looks downright angry and sullen, arms crossed in a defensive manner, no bag or purse... I know she can't always be thrilled with the paps. but this is still weird.

1 comment:

  1. Good on her for getting some relaxation in! She deserves it. Glad to hear William is home, too.


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