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Kate Walks Lupo After William Returns to UK

Friday, March 23, 2012

William returned to Britain on a flight that landed at 4am on Wednesday morning.  Contrary to initial reports, Kate drove herself to the airfield and picked her husband up and then the two headed to their London residence at Kensington Palace.

Later in the day, as William probably slept off the early flight, Kate was spotted walking Lupo in the public park.  William is due some leave now and I think it likely that the couple will take their time off abroad.  I know many of you feel that in hard economic times that would be foolish for them to do.  Since I think these photos of Kate, as well as any others taken of the royal pair off duty but in a public space are legitimate, I also think when they have time off they should jet somewhere private and relaxing to escape public attention.  

We will have to wait and see what happens, but it is rumored they will not be attending the memorial service for the late Queen Mother due to a previous commitment.  Whether that is code for vacation, or some discrete event, also remains to be seen.

Kate was also spotted earlier in the month walking Lupo. I would love to find copies of these photos with better resolution, but until then these will have to do.  Thanks to Lupo, I think we will be seeing lots of photos of Kate walking as time moves forward.  My biggest question about these shots is, what is she wearing on her feet?!!

Richard Palmer thinks we will be seeing more of William and Kate in official capacities mid April, and that is a reliable source.  The solo engagements were fun, but it will be nice to have William back in the mix!


  1. i love picture # 2, particularly b/c o the dog!!

  2. Who is that man walking with her? Bodyguard?

  3. yeah, must be. in other photos, his face was blurred out for some reason, he must be a protection officer


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