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Kate's First Speech at The Treehouse by EACH

Monday, March 19, 2012

Obviously the most exciting part of today's engagement at The Treehouse children's hospice, run by East Anglia Children's Hospice (EACH), was Kate's first public speech.  Clearly fully written out--not by aids, but her own words--she kept it short and simple.  Everyone seems to agree she did a great job.  I thought you could tell she was nervous and there was a lot of hand movement which I am willing to bet we will see less of as she grows in the job, but so well done. I was really impressed, she was definitely together.

I will let Kate explain a little bit about EACH to you herself:

As to her outfit, it has caused light confusion.  Carole wore this Reiss dress to Ascot several years ago, when she also borrowed Kate's lovely fascinator.  There was disagreement as to which woman the dress actually belonged, but the Palace confirmed it to be Kate's.  She seems to really like this color, and the combo of bright blue and black.  I like how she often pairs that blue with black, but I just don't like this dress.

Kate spent a lot of time visiting with the children at the hospice.  As usual the Duchess looked full of joy and warmth and obviously caused excitement among the patients.  

Kate planted a tree while at the hospice and as usual performed a walkabout to greet the waiting crowds who had gathered to see her.  

After that speech, I bet Kate relaxes tonight and my guess is will very soon be seeing Prince William as well.  


  1. Great post. I thought Kate did very well - it must have been absolutely nerve-wracking giving a public speech knowing her every word was being broadcast to millions. I bet William must be so proud of her. Annie, UK

  2. I would have been so nervous! Wow, and a lovely voice. Can someone explain to me all the discussion about her accent? what makes it posh or not, what do they mean by a cut glass accent? Annie, UK, can you shed light?
    --a confused American


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