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Royal Tea for Three on St. David's Day

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kate joined the Queen and Camilla for a visit to historic Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly today.  Kate was wearing a light blue dress coat by Italian label M by Missoni.  It looked like she was wearing the blue Zara dress that we have seen before, most famously on the morning walk the day after the wedding.  You can see a peek below:

Everyone certainly got the color memo.  The Queen, Camilla, and Kate all were wearing various shades of blue and this little boy is coordinating perfectly with Kate as he presents his flowers. They arrived in one of the Queen's Bentleys and that must be one of the sweet perks of the ride; you step out, no worries about maneuvering your legs properly.

Daffodil on the bottom.
If you recall this time last year when the wedding cake details were emerging, Kate chose several flowers to decorate her cake, including the daffodil, which is the national symbol of Wales. Today is St. David's Day, St. David is the patron saint of Wales, and Kate was showing her Welsh pride by wearing two little daffodils. It was perfect, the bright yellow of the daffodils against the blue of her dress was great.

In the store it was reported that Kate told staff she had recently made a disastrous job of loose leaf tea and needed a lesson on how to brew it.  According to Kate, James is the real tea aficionado in the Middleton family.

The royal ladies also sampled candy and high tea during their stay at the store. Kate's hair seemed more subdued today than it can be.  I like that is is lying a little flatter given the unstructured shape of the coat.

The royal visit was showcased on the store's webpage as each lady was presented with a hamper of goodies.

We will be seeing Kate with HM again next week for more Jubilee fun!


  1. Another style triumph for our Kate, her simple elegance is just perfect. I know some people think she should be wearing more high end than high street but I think it suits her down to earth personality. Annie, UK

  2. She is so lovely! That cake makes my mouth water every time I see it. It reminds me of how excited we all were this time last year, too!!


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