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William and and Kate Ski in France with the Middletons

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Duchess of Cambridge Skiing in France

This post is long in coming, and I have gotten multiple complaints regarding my tardiness.  I have been on a little vacation, and as most vacations seem to inevitably go, you don't have a minute to sit down.  Thankfully, As I suspected, William and Kate did go abroad after his return from the Falklands.  What I didn't expect was that they would holiday with the Middleton family, and George Percy along as...Pippa's date?  Pictures were long in coming, and finally emerged on the cover of Hello!.  These days Kate hits the cover every time she is out and about, but this issue was particularly fun because of the wait.

George Percy and Pippa Middleton

Since Pippa was seen hanging out with George at tennis matches when she should have been with then boyfriend Alex Loudon, I have been saying this is not just a platonic relationship.  These photos only confirm, in my mind.  They are still using the line that the two are just friends--really? 

There are many more photos of the group skiing here if you would enjoy seeing them.  While William and Kate were in France skiing, the 10th anniversary memorial service for the late Queen Mother and Princess Margaret took place.  Obviously, the couple missed it, and there was a huge hoopla in the media and on Twitter.  It was a memorial service, not a funeral, Prince William has limited leave, and Middletons have the right to get some time with their family together as well. It is ridiculous and one-sided to call foul on William and Kate for putting her family time in front of his on this occasion.

To me, wax works are creepy, but these three recently unveiled of the Cambridges are kind of neat.

Frankly, Prince William hasn't translated well into wax, but Kate looks remarkably realistic.  

William and Kate are not expected to be at the Easter services tomorrow at Windsor, but I think we will be seeing them later in the month.
Stay tuned...


  1. there wax figures a good, from a distance. the best one is the engagement Issa dress one. but the worst one i think is the alexander mcqueen dress one. it just looks off

  2. You look so nice in these pictures! I've never been skiing, but I'd love to go. I bet I'd be terrible though!

    Winter sports in France


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