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The Pink of Perfection at Palace Garden Party

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It is incredible what a change of place and hair will do to a dress.  Kate finally appeared at the garden party we have been hoping for, and looked absolutely the pink of perfection in her Emilia Wickstead dress from the Diamond Jubilee lunch.  I didn't really like it at the luncheon.  It seemed washed out and boring, but here, with her hair out of the way, a change of shoes, and her very intricate hat, it couldn't be more perfect!  Part of it may be that the distance shots give us a better idea of the dress as a whole--whatever the case may be, it is delightful for a garden party.

A garden party is certainly the place to look feminine, and Kate didn't disappoint.  The hat is very busy, but works well with the simple dress.  Not only is there a lace like design on the part of the hat that secures it to her head, but the brim has the same lacey pattern.  It is quite unusual and very much a hit with me.  Pink with bows and lace and more bows.  The delicate pearl earrings are the perfect accessory.

This shade looks really great with Kate's brunette hair and tanned complexion. I will say one thing, I have never been to a Palace garden party, but in my mind's eye I didn't see it so crowded!  Obviously tons of people go and all, but I envisioned everyone spread out with some breathing space and ability to see green grass.  Then again, maybe it is pleasantly bucolic everywhere that Kate is not. Like a police officer on the highway, she moves with a self-made cluster...

Kate seemed to have a great time with the guests.  I would like to know what these two were laughing about:

Well, of the top of my head, I think we see Kate next on June 5th.  This Jubilee year will be busy.
Meanwhile, a brief update on Carol Middleton.  I just love this woman.  She stood behind her daughter all those years and you know she was advising and helping Kate along the way.  What a tough job to be a parent in that situation. She was at the races several weeks ago in a tan and black combo.  I love the subdued colors and this particular color combo.

You might recall that the Middletons got involved in racing a while back and are part owners of at least one horse. 

Much was made of Pippa's appearance at a wedding in a red version of Kate's now iconic blue Issa engagement dress.  I don't really see what everyone is so worked up about.  She isn't stealing Kate's style by wearing it.  If anything, she is rather daring, since in doing so she draws immediate comparisons to her elder sister--who looked flawless.

Lastly, in what is sure to fuel the fires of baby rumors, Prince William remarked in a  recent interview that he and Kate are very "keen" to have children.  Frankly, that shouldn't be a shocker.  Anyone who has dated that long, reached that age, and been married a year, is starting to think about the patter of little feet. William said to Katie Couric:

More importantly, I’d rather like to have children. So that’s the key thing really. But I’m just very keen to have a family and both Catherine and I, you know, are looking forward to having a family in the future.

I recommend the full article over at the Daily Mail: William and Kate Want Children

Kate and a Star Studded Diamond Jubilee Luncheon

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I am on the road and it was just too late last night to post on Kate's appearance at the Diamond Jubilee lunch.  I pulled up one picture on my phone to see what she wore, and it was pretty, but didn't have me scrambling for more shots.  This pink pleated Emilia Wickstead is perfectly appropriate for the occasion.  I like that she wore a dress rather than a suit, both because it is softer and more feminine, and because it gives her an air of youth.  The last time Kate wore this designer was at the Irish Guards on St. Patrick's Day.  I definitely like Emilia Wickstead, this dress just didn't dazzle me.  

The most interesting part of the outfit has to be the shoes. She certainly switched it up from the usual nude pumps. Charlene of Monaco was present at the lunch.  Charlene and Albert were married in a televised, although smaller, ceremony last year.  Charlene stepped into the late Grace Kelly's shoes, so I think many Americans are watching her with interest for that reason.

Charlene and Kate

In this last shot above, you can see the brooch that Kate was wearing, although often obscured by her tumbling hair.

This video gives a sense of the beautiful Windsor Castle where the lunch was held.  There was an evening event, but unfortunately, Kate and William did not attend.  And so we wait for her to don a tiara again...

And this video gives you a look at Charlene's incredible curtsy and a brief clip of Wills and Kate chtting with guests:

For video, click here.

Kate Attends William's Polo Match

Sunday, May 13, 2012

It was with great excitement and nostalgia that we saw Kate once again in one of her best environments--the polo field.  Unfortunately, the dress is a miss in my book.  Maybe if she had unbottoned the Libélula dress it would have looked a little better, but as it is I felt stifled looking at it.  I don't like the mandarin collar and I don't like the print. 

As she has in the past, Kate opted for wedges to keep from digging into the polo turf.   Lupo was along for the event as well, and got some special attention from Prince Harry.  

Some great shots of Kate attending matches over the years:

This outing is the perfect segue into a topic I have been meaning to address for my American readers.  Notice what Kate wears to these polo matches?  She wears everything from relaxed chinos and a tank to Jenny Packham, but she is missing one accessory. Do you see a hat? A polo match is not Ascot or the Derby, it is more relaxed even if it is played on the world stage like the match in Santa Barbara last year.  Here in the States, it seems the two events--polo and the races--have been lumped together, perhaps because they both include horses?  Anyway, for the derby pull out your millinery finery, for polo wear a nice dress or throw on your favorite jeans, but don't look like you are setting out for the Royal Enclosure.  No hats.  Sorry.  I know it is tempting, but... restraint.

We will see William and Kate on the 18th at the Sovereign Luncheon at Windsor and one of these days Kate will accompany the Queen to one of BP's garden parties.  

I apologize for the many typos in the last post.  It was late and I was exhausted, so I skipped the reread.  They have been fixed... :) 

Kate is a Vision in Jenny P

Friday, May 11, 2012

I feel like when Kate looks this beautiful, there really isn't much to say.  Beauty is, after all, simple.  Several people have talked about how they prefer Kate's hair up, and I am slowly moving in that direction.  Certainly not all the time, but gosh it looks fabulous swept up here.  The dress is so detailed, it needed all the attention.

Kate was wearing Jenny Packham, and this is her best JP look yet.  I won't walk through the many adjectives that could be attributed here. This dress is delicate and feminine, intricate without being over the top or overwhelming.  I like that the pleats are very light as well, they stay in the background, almost like a continuation of the gathering at the bodice, rather than a bold starched look.

William and Kate's arrival.  The shouting is obnoxious, but the snapping cameras are exciting:

Not only is Kate's hair up, but that is some intricate art going on back there.  This week has certainly seen us spoiled with two floor length dresses and the scout shots.

This dress might make SuperStar look.  It is definitely scoring up there with some of her best evening gowns.  I love this so much more than her first Jenny P.  Love it.  What a night.

Kate Gives a Smooch to the Pooch

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The photos of Kate with the scouts have surfaced.  Below are some of my favorite, but check out the full set here. I have to say, Lupo looks cuter than ever... From the look of her, Kate has not been sampling many of the Pringles she is carrying. 

Kate Sparkles at Thirty Club Dinner

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Yes, I am that gorgeous."
Well, today was our lucky day.  The dinner might have been a private affair, but there was still quite the entrance when William and Kate arrived at Claridges this evening to attend a dinner with the Thirty Club.  Floor length is just so wonderful on Kate and this Roland Mouret had some extra zing with a slit up the side that revealed her perfect legs and flashy shoes. (Kate wore RM when she touched down in Canada last year.) These are the kind of events I was excited for when Kate made royal status.  Even when she looks gorgeous at a events in shorter dresses, you can't help but pine for the pizzazz of Diana's days--albeit without the drama.


I love Kate's hair up and down, but this evening she should have swept it up. With the high neckline and the shoulder detail, there is too much going on for it to be tumbling loose.  I will tell you what is set off to perfection--her sparkling sapphire pops against the cream of the dress. Kate added bling on her feet with the high heels from Jimmy Choo and a splash of red on her toes. The two together were all the more striking because of their monochrome theme.

Kate is skinny as a rail and the heels just add length to this stunning shot.

We will be seeing Kate again on the 11th.  Updates here will be slow, because I have a really packed week, but they will come!  See you all soon!

Welcome Readers

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hello Berkshire to Buckingham Readers,

Several of you have been asking how this blog operates, so I want to quickly give you the lay of the land.  I post every time Kate makes an appearance in which there is an actual photo of her, whether that be an official engagement or shopping on King's Road. The post will often include other random Kate news, but in general no picture, no story.  For more updates on Kate like sightings with no pictures, rumors, random reports, follow my Twitter @HRHKateBlog.  Official engagements are noted on the page, Kate's Calendar, AND lastly, to get both updates-- new blog post and Twitter feed-- just like the page on Facebook, HRH the Duchess of Cambridge's Style  and everything will be in one place on your news feed.

For those of you making this your temporary home while Duchess Kate takes a break, welcome.


Badminton Horse Trials Cancelled.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ok, as mentioned in an earlier post, Kate and William attended a wedding on the eve of their anniversary.  If you missed pictures, follow this link for tons of them from Pop Sugar.  Pippa was also a guest, and in one of the photos, the man she is standing by looks like Matthew Crawley.  It gets me every time I scroll through... Speaking of which, when does the countdown for season three start?

After all the hype that they would be completely secluded on their anniversary, Wills and Kate spent the night at a medieval inn, the Westleton Crown, that had been rented out for the guests at the wedding.  They even ate breakfast with the others the next morning, April 29th.  Given they were all at the same wedding, it is safe to say the royals were among friends.  Sounds idyllic to me. 12th century inn near the coast in Suffolk for a first anniversary? That I should be so lucky.

You probably also know that before they left London that weekend Kate attended a Princes' Charities Forum with William.  Someone, somewhere, has got to get a better angle for these shots.  All we can see is the filmy blouse she was wearing. Something is better than nothing, nevertheless...

I just stumbled across this article at the Daily Mail.  The trees from the Royal Wedding found a home in Wales. Story here. 

Today seems to be a never ending slew of bad news.  You have more than likely heard that the Badminton Horse Trials were cancelled.  Yes, you read that right--cancelled.  Apparently, there has been too much rain.  I was really looking forward to seeing William and Kate out in the bucolic world of horses.  Oh well...

A quick shout out to Charlotte over at Duchess Kate.  I loved watching her blog grow--always on the ball and up to the minute--she never missed a thing.  Hopefully, she will be back up and running somewhere else soon.  Fingers crossed for you, Charlotte!

Ending on a positive note, this is such a cute little clip from the engagement interview.  Once the cameras stopped rolling--or airing at least-- Kate threw her head back and said, "I am no good at this!"  William, the old hand at this, has that hilarious look on his face like, seriously you were fine, as he reassures her and tells her just to breathe.  

With the horse trials cancelled, we will be seeing Kate next on May 11th.  Barring breaking news, that is when I will be seeing you next, too.