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Badminton Horse Trials Cancelled.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ok, as mentioned in an earlier post, Kate and William attended a wedding on the eve of their anniversary.  If you missed pictures, follow this link for tons of them from Pop Sugar.  Pippa was also a guest, and in one of the photos, the man she is standing by looks like Matthew Crawley.  It gets me every time I scroll through... Speaking of which, when does the countdown for season three start?

After all the hype that they would be completely secluded on their anniversary, Wills and Kate spent the night at a medieval inn, the Westleton Crown, that had been rented out for the guests at the wedding.  They even ate breakfast with the others the next morning, April 29th.  Given they were all at the same wedding, it is safe to say the royals were among friends.  Sounds idyllic to me. 12th century inn near the coast in Suffolk for a first anniversary? That I should be so lucky.

You probably also know that before they left London that weekend Kate attended a Princes' Charities Forum with William.  Someone, somewhere, has got to get a better angle for these shots.  All we can see is the filmy blouse she was wearing. Something is better than nothing, nevertheless...

I just stumbled across this article at the Daily Mail.  The trees from the Royal Wedding found a home in Wales. Story here. 

Today seems to be a never ending slew of bad news.  You have more than likely heard that the Badminton Horse Trials were cancelled.  Yes, you read that right--cancelled.  Apparently, there has been too much rain.  I was really looking forward to seeing William and Kate out in the bucolic world of horses.  Oh well...

A quick shout out to Charlotte over at Duchess Kate.  I loved watching her blog grow--always on the ball and up to the minute--she never missed a thing.  Hopefully, she will be back up and running somewhere else soon.  Fingers crossed for you, Charlotte!

Ending on a positive note, this is such a cute little clip from the engagement interview.  Once the cameras stopped rolling--or airing at least-- Kate threw her head back and said, "I am no good at this!"  William, the old hand at this, has that hilarious look on his face like, seriously you were fine, as he reassures her and tells her just to breathe.  

With the horse trials cancelled, we will be seeing Kate next on May 11th.  Barring breaking news, that is when I will be seeing you next, too. 


  1. OMG! So cute! Love the clip! Wish it had sound!

  2. thank you for the clip! we never get to see them act so naturally, so this was really appreciated.

    and, yes, they really are so good together - so natural and relaxed, and clearly liking each other! you can tell they are a long-term couple.

  3. i saw that clip, i think on youtube! they are just a lovely couple

  4. If anybody wants to see that clip, it is shown in this youtube video about halfway through.

    The video is from the CBS special The Royal Wedding: Modern Majesty and includes the brief scene William and Kate talking after the interview.

  5. So awesome! Thanks for digging that up! I'll probably link to it in the next post...


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