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Kate and a Star Studded Diamond Jubilee Luncheon

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I am on the road and it was just too late last night to post on Kate's appearance at the Diamond Jubilee lunch.  I pulled up one picture on my phone to see what she wore, and it was pretty, but didn't have me scrambling for more shots.  This pink pleated Emilia Wickstead is perfectly appropriate for the occasion.  I like that she wore a dress rather than a suit, both because it is softer and more feminine, and because it gives her an air of youth.  The last time Kate wore this designer was at the Irish Guards on St. Patrick's Day.  I definitely like Emilia Wickstead, this dress just didn't dazzle me.  

The most interesting part of the outfit has to be the shoes. She certainly switched it up from the usual nude pumps. Charlene of Monaco was present at the lunch.  Charlene and Albert were married in a televised, although smaller, ceremony last year.  Charlene stepped into the late Grace Kelly's shoes, so I think many Americans are watching her with interest for that reason.

Charlene and Kate

In this last shot above, you can see the brooch that Kate was wearing, although often obscured by her tumbling hair.

This video gives a sense of the beautiful Windsor Castle where the lunch was held.  There was an evening event, but unfortunately, Kate and William did not attend.  And so we wait for her to don a tiara again...

And this video gives you a look at Charlene's incredible curtsy and a brief clip of Wills and Kate chtting with guests:

For video, click here.


  1. i like the dress a lot, and think she looks beautiful in the color. I like it a bit more than the dress she wore to the Polo match, but I think again that dress might just not photograph well. bonnie

  2. I'm with Anonymous. I think it's great, and I'm not a fan of pleating. Lovely colour and she wears it well, even though I think generally she looks better in jewel colours.

    If I had the money I'd at least go check it out! Although I'm sure you can't find it anymore.

  3. I like the dress, it just didn't dazzle me. But it certainly is lovely and appropriate for the occasion. I should have mentioned, the dress is bespoke, so you can't order it. :( Kate seems to be moving more and more i the customized direction. Keeps her off the "who wore it better" page.

  4. Jane, I read an article awhile back that said she was being criticized by the suits at the palace for wearing high street. Wonder if that's why she's going more custom these days?

    I think it's a shame. It's nice that she wears thing us regular mortals can buy!

  5. Pauline Oak Hills, CA USAMay 19, 2012 at 9:25 PM

    I don't beleive that anyone from the palace would say anything about how the beautiful Duchess has been dressing. I don't think it matters if it is from high street or custom made the Duchess always look's stunning. She represents the royal family with class. She has brought a breath of fresh air to the royal family.


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