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Kate Sparkles at Thirty Club Dinner

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Yes, I am that gorgeous."
Well, today was our lucky day.  The dinner might have been a private affair, but there was still quite the entrance when William and Kate arrived at Claridges this evening to attend a dinner with the Thirty Club.  Floor length is just so wonderful on Kate and this Roland Mouret had some extra zing with a slit up the side that revealed her perfect legs and flashy shoes. (Kate wore RM when she touched down in Canada last year.) These are the kind of events I was excited for when Kate made royal status.  Even when she looks gorgeous at a events in shorter dresses, you can't help but pine for the pizzazz of Diana's days--albeit without the drama.


I love Kate's hair up and down, but this evening she should have swept it up. With the high neckline and the shoulder detail, there is too much going on for it to be tumbling loose.  I will tell you what is set off to perfection--her sparkling sapphire pops against the cream of the dress. Kate added bling on her feet with the high heels from Jimmy Choo and a splash of red on her toes. The two together were all the more striking because of their monochrome theme.

Kate is skinny as a rail and the heels just add length to this stunning shot.

We will be seeing Kate again on the 11th.  Updates here will be slow, because I have a really packed week, but they will come!  See you all soon!


  1. Hmm, don't think this look flattered Kate. I agree with you Jane that she would have looked better with her hair up. The dress is a bit dull and swamps Kate's increasingly slender figure. I for one would like to see her put on a little bit of weight. Whilst she and William are obviously happy together, it concerns me that Kate is getting far too skinny and I hope the pressures of her new life aren't getting to her. Annie, UK

  2. It's an OK look, but I'm starting to come around to the opinion she needs to cut or do something with her hair. It's starting to wear her rather than the other way round.


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