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The Pink of Perfection at Palace Garden Party

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It is incredible what a change of place and hair will do to a dress.  Kate finally appeared at the garden party we have been hoping for, and looked absolutely the pink of perfection in her Emilia Wickstead dress from the Diamond Jubilee lunch.  I didn't really like it at the luncheon.  It seemed washed out and boring, but here, with her hair out of the way, a change of shoes, and her very intricate hat, it couldn't be more perfect!  Part of it may be that the distance shots give us a better idea of the dress as a whole--whatever the case may be, it is delightful for a garden party.

A garden party is certainly the place to look feminine, and Kate didn't disappoint.  The hat is very busy, but works well with the simple dress.  Not only is there a lace like design on the part of the hat that secures it to her head, but the brim has the same lacey pattern.  It is quite unusual and very much a hit with me.  Pink with bows and lace and more bows.  The delicate pearl earrings are the perfect accessory.

This shade looks really great with Kate's brunette hair and tanned complexion. I will say one thing, I have never been to a Palace garden party, but in my mind's eye I didn't see it so crowded!  Obviously tons of people go and all, but I envisioned everyone spread out with some breathing space and ability to see green grass.  Then again, maybe it is pleasantly bucolic everywhere that Kate is not. Like a police officer on the highway, she moves with a self-made cluster...

Kate seemed to have a great time with the guests.  I would like to know what these two were laughing about:

Well, of the top of my head, I think we see Kate next on June 5th.  This Jubilee year will be busy.
Meanwhile, a brief update on Carol Middleton.  I just love this woman.  She stood behind her daughter all those years and you know she was advising and helping Kate along the way.  What a tough job to be a parent in that situation. She was at the races several weeks ago in a tan and black combo.  I love the subdued colors and this particular color combo.

You might recall that the Middletons got involved in racing a while back and are part owners of at least one horse. 

Much was made of Pippa's appearance at a wedding in a red version of Kate's now iconic blue Issa engagement dress.  I don't really see what everyone is so worked up about.  She isn't stealing Kate's style by wearing it.  If anything, she is rather daring, since in doing so she draws immediate comparisons to her elder sister--who looked flawless.

Lastly, in what is sure to fuel the fires of baby rumors, Prince William remarked in a  recent interview that he and Kate are very "keen" to have children.  Frankly, that shouldn't be a shocker.  Anyone who has dated that long, reached that age, and been married a year, is starting to think about the patter of little feet. William said to Katie Couric:

More importantly, I’d rather like to have children. So that’s the key thing really. But I’m just very keen to have a family and both Catherine and I, you know, are looking forward to having a family in the future.

I recommend the full article over at the Daily Mail: William and Kate Want Children


  1. Doesn't Kate look so elegant! I think she and William will start trying for a baby once their tour of the South Pacific is over later this year. Apart from the travelling, I don't think they would want to steal the thunder away from the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with a baby announcement. I predict an announcement by the New Year - I hope! Annie, UK

  2. I absolutely agree with you. I disliked the outfit the first time around but with the fascinator and different hairdo she looks great.

    I don't know how I feel about her using the same outfit only 2 weeks later (at ANOTHER DIAMOND JUBILEE EVENT) but I understand that she is trying not to steal the spotlight (anything new would be sold-out within hours, etc).

    I also think, like Annie above, that soon/early in the new yr there will be a baby announcement. The only thing "sad" about it is I doubt she will be taking any official engagements during this time, so we will be missing her :p

    Her mom looks great for her age :) She is quite pretty herself.

    I feel bad for Pippa, she doesn't get all the privileges of being royalty (given she isn't) but she gets all the scrutiny, criticism, and yet more. She looks great in that ISSA dress. I have also seen her in a white ISSA dress, very, very similar to this one. She is lovely lady.

  3. Great post!!!The dress really looks better this time!!
    I agree with 'anonymous' about the baby thing: it will be wonderful to see the baby announcement but it will be sad not see Kate around so often!

  4. Poor Camilla, she really needs a good, sturdy foundation garment under those outfits.

  5. The Garden party is not a diamond jubilee event, they are in fact hosted every year in recognition of the people who work hard and perform service to the British empire. My guess is that a dress fell through at one event and she had no other option. I thought she looked great but since she just wore it, I would have LOVED to see the Jenny Packham floral dress worn in Cali.

    I think Pippa has a great sense of style but I just didn't like this dress. It didn't do it for me with the color on her and didn't fit her as well.

  6. I agree 100%...not a hit the first go-round, but spectacular this time (and I hate pink)! I will say, though, not everyone who dates that long, reached "that" age and been married a year is thinking of children. It's just very lucky that the both of them do want children, because I'm guessing they wouldn't have a whole lot of choice, no?

  7. Kate looks great and I love this hat!


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