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Welcome Readers

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hello Berkshire to Buckingham Readers,

Several of you have been asking how this blog operates, so I want to quickly give you the lay of the land.  I post every time Kate makes an appearance in which there is an actual photo of her, whether that be an official engagement or shopping on King's Road. The post will often include other random Kate news, but in general no picture, no story.  For more updates on Kate like sightings with no pictures, rumors, random reports, follow my Twitter @HRHKateBlog.  Official engagements are noted on the page, Kate's Calendar, AND lastly, to get both updates-- new blog post and Twitter feed-- just like the page on Facebook, HRH the Duchess of Cambridge's Style  and everything will be in one place on your news feed.

For those of you making this your temporary home while Duchess Kate takes a break, welcome.


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  1. Do you mean while Charlotte's blog is down? If so, thanks!


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