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Kate and the Queen in Nottingham with Prince William

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The first emotion I had when I saw the pictures this morning was horror.  Time to write another negative post about one of Kate' recycles.  How is this happening?  I loved this hat when it debuted, and I absolutely adored the coat dress she wore it with at that time.   Today's coat/dress --worn with the Queen on St. David's Day, is nice as well, I just don't know that I like it with this hat.

It is a quirky coat and the hat seems very conservative.  Nevertheless, Kate looks stunning, so beautiful!  This picture of her in profile with her hair falling down is stunning.  Maybe I do like this look after all.

I am not even sure what is not sitting right with me, it isn't a disconnect like the last recycle was.  I din't hate this, I just don't think it is splendid.  What is splendid is how sparkling Kate is and how great it is to see her out and about with William.  Their chemistry is so fabulous.

I love all the blue, the sapphire earrings and all you ladies who have been calling for a change of shoe--voila.'s the coat.  The coat has a lot of character, I just think it needs to be the center of the show and the hat reminds me too much of the SuperStar look she pulled off last time she wore it. That look is still one of my favorite Kate looks of all time, so it is pretty hard to compete. See below picture or refresh your memory here:

William, Kate, and the Queen seemed to have a grand time together.

The royal couple helped a group of scouts put up a tent and various other hands on activities...

... like this foam javelin toss.  They certainly have fun together.

We don't often get shots of Kate curtsying, so I found this particularly interesting.

Alright, the outfit has grown on me significantly.  The Prada pumps in the same color as the hat help balance it out.  I don't think it is the best we have ever seen, but it is no failure. I like it. Good for Kate going back to her closet for some rewearing, too.  Isn't that the Zara dress she wore the day after the wedding, too?  I loved that dress.  Perfect color for this coat and simple, which those edges need.

Kate was just radiant today, so, so beautiful.  Today she might have made a paper bag look good.  See the facebook page for more photos, I just can't get enough of her this evening.


  1. She has the hat more on the top of her head this time. Last time she wore it, it was more sideways and I think, looked better.

  2. The blues don't go together, I think. Like you, I love both pieces individually but didn't love them put together as she has done here.

  3. Pauline California USAJune 13, 2012 at 11:28 PM

    I just loved seeing the Queen, William and the beautiful Duchess together today. The Queen seemed to be enjoying her time with the Duchess. William & his Duchess looked so happy and seemed also to be enjoying their time together. They both looked very relaxed. There is a picture out there that show's the Duchess giving the Queen a kiss on the cheek after she curtsyed to her. It is really just priceless. You never see anyone give the Queen a kiss but maybe on the hand but not on the cheek.
    There is another picture where William is getting ready to throw the javlin and he his holding it and you can see where the Duchess has moved her hand up to touch his. So

  4. I agree with you Jane. There is something off. Steph, I think you hit it, the blues don't really go together all that well. But I still love Kate!

  5. Well, it might not have been perfect, but gosh she looked happy, and that kind of lends a beauty in itself. I think you were basically saying that Jane. Love the blog. Thanks for putting effort into it. We all enjoy your writing and coming here to comment!

  6. I have to disagree about the blues. I think they do work together. If you look close, there is navy blue in the tweed of the coat. My problem with the coat is the frayed business in the seams at the back. I don't mind the fringe at the neck and down the front but having it in the seams just looks bad.

  7. I think you feel the same way about the recycles how I do, they seem pre planned almost. Plus for some reason you miss the excitement of seeing a new outfit, as not Politically Correct that is I am like great that outfit again, it gets boring. It doesn't seem natural it's like her staff goes what can she wear again, and it just looks calculated.


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