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Kate at the Park and Cinema

Friday, June 8, 2012

Kate walked Lupo in Kensington today and was spotted at the cinema with Prince William.  Too bad there wasn't a shot from the front. :(

This shot is a little weird to me, but I will go on faith here since I am tired. It does seem a little suspicious. I am not convinced it is her: the hat, the build, the guy walking that close to her...Two dogs?  I leave it to the reader's discretion. :)

Here, it is clearly Wills and Kate.  Apparently, they were there to see The Avengers...


  1. Thought they had only one dog? Is that her body guard with her? Kinda look's like William from the back. Maybe this was taken while William was visiting his grandfather.
    Hope they enjoyed the movie.

  2. It is definitely not William. I can't see Kate wearing that hat, either, but the person who tweeted it claimed it was her. Is it James with a Middleton pooch? She appears to be wearing the same jeans.

  3. I believe Lupo is smaller than the dogs in the top picture.

  4. I think it might be Kate..legs are very similar and jeans and snikers too.. I just think that this people that meet her are very very lucky. I think I would faint :-)
    Love your blog!


  5. Isn't the hat hair and it looks like brother James' features in the pic.

  6. James , Kate Lupo and dog will be Middletons litter that Lupo was from. probably his father/ mother. Looks like he is now more trained but would still like to see on a lead, also the dogs.

  7. I think it's Kate and her brother James.

  8. I think it is James with Kate, but I will say she needs to lose that hat.

  9. Good point on the picture w/the dogs. It hadn't even occurred to me it could be other people, but you made a good case for that! I'm a new reader to this blog and really appreciate it! Silvia

    1. Welcome! Very happy to have you. I was skeptical, but I think it might be Kate with James. The man looks like James, the jeans look like Kate's, and the location is right. That hat threw me--but maybe that is why she wore it. ;)
      Feel free to comment any time!

  10. looks like Kate and her brother.

  11. I am posting anonymous because I have no idea how to put my name up, help.


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