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Kate Wears Lace for Diamond Jubilee Balcony Appearance

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Guildhall Reception after the Service

What a Jubilee celebration!  The extended weekend ended with a service at St. Paul's giving thanks for the Queen's long and successful reign. Kate wore McQueen at all the events closing with this lace creation.  She looks great in the silhouette and I like the hat, too!  The dress was custom designed, and has a particularly long hemline for Kate.  I assume this was a nod to the church and the Queen.  I think both those reasons are very appropriate, but it is an awkward length.  I would prefer this dress shorter.

William and Kate at St. Paul's

She has done this hairstyle a lot now, and I really like it.  It is a nice compromise between up and all down.

Watch highlights from the service here:

This photo is hilarious.  Wills and Kate seem to be the only two chatting away and some woman on the right is staring at them like, can't you hold it together in church for three minutes?  (given her proximity to senior royals, I am sure she is someone--I just don't know who.)

After the service, the royals attended a reception at Guildhall.

Th carriage procession followed moving down the mall. Approximately 1.2 million people lined the streets to cheer their Diamond Queen along to Buckingham Palace.

Video here:

The police then opened the mall and led a slow march of people down to pour into the circle in front of the Palace.  The numbers, the energy and excitement, were very impressive.

The most moving moment was the balcony appearance.  As has already been made much of, the Queen cut the usual family down to only her immediate heirs: Charles and Camilla, William and Kate, and Harry were the only ones to step out with the Queen and wave to the gathered crowd and international audience.

Watching Elizabeth's reactions to the crowd help to show why she is such a beloved figurehead.  She was obviously so pleased and touched, lots of genuine smiles and interest in he people who had come to manifest their appreciation.  I honestly never see that from Charles. I don't have an ax to grind against the man, but he has been caught on tape and camera enough for us all to know what he is really thinking.

The cheering crowds were so loud you could barely hear the carefully practiced feu de joie.  But no one missed the large flyover as they roared down the mall streaming red, white, and blue.

What a weekend for the British people and for Queen Elizabeth the Second.  Long may she reign.


  1. Beautiful dress. Agree on the length, but if she made it longer for those reasons, good on her!

  2. The soft colors are wonderful. I really like that she uses such a neutral palette so often. Great post--thanks for recapping the day!

  3. I think the woman in blue is married to the son of the Duke of Gloucester.


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