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Olympics: Nail Biting Afternoon As Kate Watches Zara Win Silver

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Royals were out again today to cheer Zara and the GB team to a Silver victory.  Kate wore skinnies, wedges, a striped tank top with blue blazer, and later an Olympic jacket when it chilled off and started to rain.

Kate, to the apparent amusement of William, had a funny lesson to teach her brother-in-law, Prince Harry. Harry doesn't looked convinced by the end, but they all seem amused. She seems to tell him at the end, it's ok that you don't get it.  

The competition got heated at certain points, and Kate seemed to be feeling the pressure, and biting her nails?  Terrible habit, but we will forgive her this once.

Through the rain and shine, the couple displayed the same twitterpated mood we saw yesterday.  They seem crazy about each other.

The day ended happily with a silver win for team GB!

Prince William Shares Olympic Excitement with Zara's Brother, Peter. 

Kate Looks Curvy in Roksanda Ilincic

Monday, July 30, 2012

Second appearance was solo this evening when Kate walked the red carpet to attend a lavish cocktail party in support of the GREAT Campaign.  It is a government initiative, so David Cameron was there to greet the stunning duchess.  You can see the dress also has some interesting detail in the back as well.

I like this dress. the Unusual neckline is very trendy right now, I like the color, and most of all I love her hair.  Pulling it up always adds the pizzazz because she so often wears it down.  This was even a new twist on hair up, since we have seen rather elaborate designs at times.  Here it is sleek and polished, very modern, perfect for the vibe of the night.

I am not harping on it, just pointing out that Kate has gained weight and still looks good!

Olympics: William and Kate at Greenwich

Two appearances from Kate today.  Let's start with when she accompanied the family to Greenwich to watch Zara compete.  You may have read earlier in the week how the athletes are interviewed before the Games, and of course Zara's press conference was a royal zoo.  Among other questions, she was asked if the young royals would be coming to watch her, and she shot back that naturally they would come to cheer her on, they are her family.  Haha, so the family was out in force beaming from ear to ear.

Kate wore blue skinnies, a white Olympic polo shirt, and a blue blazer.  This event reminded me of early sporting events we saw William and Kate attend.  They look the absolutely perfectly happy pair today.  Good to be reminded there are happy endings...

I am completely irritated because I had some old photos of the two of them from college I wanted to post as comparisons, but I don't have my main computer with me, so I can't pull them up. :(  We will make do with this one.

My favorite picture from the afternoon. Hand holding!

London Olympics: Kate Wears Christopher Kane to Reception at Palace and Opening Ceremony

Friday, July 27, 2012

Kate wore Christopher Kane to the Buckingham Palace reception this evening. Uuuuh, no.  I don't think I like it. Maybe it is the sheen and color. I am not sure.  I wish there were more pictures--hopefully there will be more by tomorrow and I will update, but gosh, not jumping for joy over this look.

Later, at that opening ceremony we got a glimpse of Kate's earrings.  Kind of Olympian...

Kate, William and Harry Welcome Olympic Torch to Buckingham Palace

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Second appearance from Kate in one day, this time she is greeting the Olympic Torch at Buckingham Palace with Princes William and Harry.  Kate wore figure hugging blue Zara jeans and official Adidas GB Olympic shirt.

I guess this is also the second time today we are reminded of what great shape Kate is in, so just a little more inspiration to finish your night off.  Beyond that, it is interesting to note that Kate's heels here are 4.5 inches.  There is a platform, but she is still almost five inches taller than she would be in bare feet.  Something to think about...

That is all I have to say.  Brace yourselves for lots of Olympic appearances from Kate...

Barefoot Duchess of Cambridge Plays with the Kids

Kate, William, and Harry were on duty today for a charity visit, spending time with children and coaches.

This £35 Hobbs dress is a smashing hit with me. (Although, I think I have mental whiplash from the price change here.) Was this the last time Kate wore Hobbs? I think so...The color highlights Kate's tan to perfection and the cut is feminine, light, and summer appropriate.  So perfect.  Kate always looks in great shape, but every now and again something--maybe the outfit, maybe just me--screams at you how fit she is.  When she looks this good I literally am tripping over my feet to get into my gym clothes and out the door for a workout.  So, today we have some serious inspiration, because she looks fabulous.  Look at these legs.  I am looking around the room for my running shoes as I type.

Don't ask me to tell you all the different activities of the day.  I love clothes.  Children and their sports, while charming, have never been my forte.  Someday, when I have some little munchkins of my own I will be an expert, but that day is not today.  Sooo...they mixed it up with the kids: soccer, table tennis, judo--or taekwondo? I don't know. I can say that Kate, who loves children and is also quite sporty, was in her element.  They say a model should only wear clothes she is comfortable in, because when she feels beautiful she shines, and that is the way I feel about Kate.  When you put her in a situation like this, she will always shine.  It is what she is good at.  Anytime you have William and Kate in a relaxed environment, we also get cute together shots.

Kate played table tennis, which I can say from personal experience is not as easy as it looks, but it is one heck of a photo-op. The trick lies not so much in returning the ball, but in not over returning the ball and hitting it out of bounds.  Restraint is required--thank you college experience. It seems Kate was keen to keep her focus...

It looked like a fun day, Kate was radiant, William looked dashing, Harry is still handsome, a fun time was had by all.

Kate Wears Stella McCartney to The National Portrait Gallery Thurs. July 19, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another very late post--hopefully the last late post. We shall see...

Kate wore Stella McCartney to the National Portrait Gallery last week.  I really liked it, simple, and that blue is perfect on her.  At first I thought it looked just a tad short waisted, but now it seems fine.  She was all smiles...and she couldn't seem to stop touching her hair.  I think 80% of the photos caught her adjusting.  :)  Her hair did seem particularly perfect.

Two more interesting aspects caught my eye.  First of all--for those of you who care--Kate has definitely gained weight, so if you are one of those who wanted her to gain weight, presto, no more worries.

Below Kate looks at a picture of herself on display at the gallery

Kate changed something else up as well.  Famous for understated jewelry, or no jewelry at all, Kate wore a an eyewatering £49,000, which by today's exchange rate is almost $76,000, Cartier gold and diamond necklace. It is the Trinity Necklace and comes with loops of white, yellow, and pink gold.  I love pink gold, so I already like this necklace.  People speculate it was a gift, and that seems likely.  Since the Trinity Necklace symbolizes forever, according to the website, and that seems to be a romantic vibe, I think it is a gift from William and not from Prince Charles or her family.  

Kate's schedule was released for the London Olympics and we will be a busy blog in the next few weeks.  See you all Monday! 

Caught in Flight. Naomi Watts Takes on Princess Diana Role

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Before Kate captured the world with her fairy tale princess story, beautiful clothes, and engaging smile, another princess dominated the paparazzi scene.  Princess Diana was the most photographed woman in the world. An instant trend setter, she was a global name and remains an iconic figure ten years after her untimely death. Naomi Watts is currently filming a movie about Diana, working title Caught in Flight and slated to be released sometime in 2013.  See the films webpage here.

I am not a huge, huge fan of Watts, but no one will be perfect, and we have yet to see how she portrays Diana, although, I am not particularly hopeful.  After looking at these photos it is clearly a daunting task to play such a stunning woman, and draw the inevitable comparisons.

This is one of my favorite evening dresses from Diana, and a look she favored toward the end of her life.  She was always so tanned and fit and pulled it off remarkably.

Same designer--Versace-- but shorter and in blue, also a winner.  Watts is missing the golden glow of Diana's tan and hair. And those shiny stockings... :)

One of the last photos taken of the Princess is recreated:

The blue dress Kate is so often said to have copied:

They have also thrown in some new looks--if Diana wore these I haven't seen the photos. (Let me know if I missed something!)

I bet I will love it when it comes out, even if it isn't perfect.  The finest royal movie remains The Queen, starring the fabulous Helen Mirren, but I am excited for another film to join my royal collection.