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Barefoot Duchess of Cambridge Plays with the Kids

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kate, William, and Harry were on duty today for a charity visit, spending time with children and coaches.

This £35 Hobbs dress is a smashing hit with me. (Although, I think I have mental whiplash from the price change here.) Was this the last time Kate wore Hobbs? I think so...The color highlights Kate's tan to perfection and the cut is feminine, light, and summer appropriate.  So perfect.  Kate always looks in great shape, but every now and again something--maybe the outfit, maybe just me--screams at you how fit she is.  When she looks this good I literally am tripping over my feet to get into my gym clothes and out the door for a workout.  So, today we have some serious inspiration, because she looks fabulous.  Look at these legs.  I am looking around the room for my running shoes as I type.

Don't ask me to tell you all the different activities of the day.  I love clothes.  Children and their sports, while charming, have never been my forte.  Someday, when I have some little munchkins of my own I will be an expert, but that day is not today.  Sooo...they mixed it up with the kids: soccer, table tennis, judo--or taekwondo? I don't know. I can say that Kate, who loves children and is also quite sporty, was in her element.  They say a model should only wear clothes she is comfortable in, because when she feels beautiful she shines, and that is the way I feel about Kate.  When you put her in a situation like this, she will always shine.  It is what she is good at.  Anytime you have William and Kate in a relaxed environment, we also get cute together shots.

Kate played table tennis, which I can say from personal experience is not as easy as it looks, but it is one heck of a photo-op. The trick lies not so much in returning the ball, but in not over returning the ball and hitting it out of bounds.  Restraint is required--thank you college experience. It seems Kate was keen to keep her focus...

It looked like a fun day, Kate was radiant, William looked dashing, Harry is still handsome, a fun time was had by all.


  1. Ah, Jane, this post is very funny. Thank you for your honest clothes perspective. Someday you will get the kids part.

  2. Thank you very much for this page Jane hope to see more .


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