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Kate Looks Curvy in Roksanda Ilincic

Monday, July 30, 2012

Second appearance was solo this evening when Kate walked the red carpet to attend a lavish cocktail party in support of the GREAT Campaign.  It is a government initiative, so David Cameron was there to greet the stunning duchess.  You can see the dress also has some interesting detail in the back as well.

I like this dress. the Unusual neckline is very trendy right now, I like the color, and most of all I love her hair.  Pulling it up always adds the pizzazz because she so often wears it down.  This was even a new twist on hair up, since we have seen rather elaborate designs at times.  Here it is sleek and polished, very modern, perfect for the vibe of the night.

I am not harping on it, just pointing out that Kate has gained weight and still looks good!


  1. Stunning as ever.

  2. I'm glad we got to see this dress again! Still great the second time around!

  3. Yes, I actually think I like it more here. Maybe because her hair is up rather than down. Although, the photos from LA gave more of the delicate detail...

  4. At last, stunning look of her hairstyle up
    comments on her hair style have been finally properly read :)

  5. I don't remenber this dress. She looks really good here. The hair up really suits her. It's very beautiful!!!

    1. I was in a hurry and didn't link. Sorry! She wore it in LA

  6. I love-LOVE her hairdo :) She has such a pretty face, she looks even better with her hair up. Hope she is encouraged because everywhere I go I read how people are loving it and how it suits her.

    I really like the earrings too. Before she married she used to wear a lot of fun jewelery which added a nice youthful touch to her, I hope she goes back to that :)

    I saw that the dress originally has a belt with a bow in a cream-egg color, I hope next time she wears it she adds that too. It would add a nice touch and a "different" factor to it.



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