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Kate Wears Stella McCartney to The National Portrait Gallery Thurs. July 19, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another very late post--hopefully the last late post. We shall see...

Kate wore Stella McCartney to the National Portrait Gallery last week.  I really liked it, simple, and that blue is perfect on her.  At first I thought it looked just a tad short waisted, but now it seems fine.  She was all smiles...and she couldn't seem to stop touching her hair.  I think 80% of the photos caught her adjusting.  :)  Her hair did seem particularly perfect.

Two more interesting aspects caught my eye.  First of all--for those of you who care--Kate has definitely gained weight, so if you are one of those who wanted her to gain weight, presto, no more worries.

Below Kate looks at a picture of herself on display at the gallery

Kate changed something else up as well.  Famous for understated jewelry, or no jewelry at all, Kate wore a an eyewatering £49,000, which by today's exchange rate is almost $76,000, Cartier gold and diamond necklace. It is the Trinity Necklace and comes with loops of white, yellow, and pink gold.  I love pink gold, so I already like this necklace.  People speculate it was a gift, and that seems likely.  Since the Trinity Necklace symbolizes forever, according to the website, and that seems to be a romantic vibe, I think it is a gift from William and not from Prince Charles or her family.  

Kate's schedule was released for the London Olympics and we will be a busy blog in the next few weeks.  See you all Monday! 

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