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Olympics: Nail Biting Afternoon As Kate Watches Zara Win Silver

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Royals were out again today to cheer Zara and the GB team to a Silver victory.  Kate wore skinnies, wedges, a striped tank top with blue blazer, and later an Olympic jacket when it chilled off and started to rain.

Kate, to the apparent amusement of William, had a funny lesson to teach her brother-in-law, Prince Harry. Harry doesn't looked convinced by the end, but they all seem amused. She seems to tell him at the end, it's ok that you don't get it.  

The competition got heated at certain points, and Kate seemed to be feeling the pressure, and biting her nails?  Terrible habit, but we will forgive her this once.

Through the rain and shine, the couple displayed the same twitterpated mood we saw yesterday.  They seem crazy about each other.

The day ended happily with a silver win for team GB!

Prince William Shares Olympic Excitement with Zara's Brother, Peter. 


  1. Love every single one of these pics!!

  2. The striped tank top is beautiful. I love blue stripes! She seems to have all colors of wedges. I only have a black one, someday I'll get there! :)
    So cute to see her realtionship with Harry, they seem to be close! I loved the pictures!!
    Thank God for the olympics!!!!!

  3. It is very cool to see how nice she gets along with her brother-in-law :) That must be very nice for their relationship. Hope when Harry marries, his better half fits right in too.


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