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Kate at Peter Jones (Old Shot)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Well look what popped up on Tumblr.  Pretty much my favorite thing ever, a candid of Kate out and about.  Here she is shopping at Peter Jones, and my favorite part of the picture is the scarf!  I love scarves and loe when Kate wears them.   Best Kate scarf moment goes to this shot:

I pretty much spend every fall, every single year, trying to recreate this look.  Still trying...

Runners up...

Ok, I really wanted to skip this because I have had the laziest 24 hours of my life--not really, but it feels that way-- anyway, quick coverage of Kate and William's visit to the Athlete's Village yesterday.  Same outfits, still looking great.

Someone offered Kate a kangaroo, but she declined.  Harry snagged it.  That a boy.  Bet the girl who offered it is cute.


  1. I love her look alot in those pics too!! How I wish I could be in london for the olympics!!

  2. I love the duchess wearing scarfs too. She always adds to the outfit nicely.
    The pleated skirt she is wearing is lovely too. I think it flatters her (by adding volume).

  3. I wish I could be in London too. Feels like she's everywhere!
    She wears scarfs beautifully, I wish Brazil was cold enough so I could wear them like she does [or at least try!].

  4. Looks like she has two scarfs wrapped together in the photo that I would also love to create. :)


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