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Olympic Joy from Wills and Kate [Hug Update]

Thursday, August 2, 2012

[i want to briefly update with some comments.  Part of what makes this special is that people always claim that Kate is the more affectionate of the two, which in some sense is true.  She smiles MUCH more than William does, and initiates most of the contact, although by no means all.  I think it is pretty clear to any impartial observer that William is just as in love, but naysayers will be naysayers.  Here it is nice to him holding her in what appears to be an excited and unguarded moment.  If you watch the video below you will see that the hug is actually much shorter than the photos make it seem, but still as cute as ever.  Thank goodness for still photography capturing such a special moment.]

These are some of the best Will and Kate photos I have ever seen. The beach photos were up there, and the wedding kind of melted butter, but these are the best to date.  William's enthusiasm- everything is perfect.  Ahhhh! it is almost disgusting... :)

Ok, back to business. William and Kate were at Wimbledon to watch Olympic tennis earlier today.  From a planning perspective, Olympics is no place to waste a new piece, let's be honest.  So she cleverly recycled the blue Stella McCartney and the blue blazer.  Loved it.  She looked great, it was just the right tone, etc, etc.  We all want to get back to the other photos, I know.

After tennis we got THE shots.  The afternoon event must have been quite tense and the excitement of victory overwhelming.  Love these photos.

Kate needed help stepping over a row of chairs as she said hello to a gentleman.  William gave his princess a helping hand...

Just a few more angles.  LOVE it.


  1. Great photos, looks like a truly happy couple have a wonderful time..Thanks for sharing~

  2. Sorry, the hugging video I originally posted was low res. The HR hugging video is here www(.)filefactory(.)com/file/1guxngcz98g7/n/WK_hug_HR_MOV. Cheers, N.

  3. In the video you can see him saying something in her hear and her respond with a little giggle in the middle of all that, so adorable!

  4. Awwww my goodness!!! How adorable!! They look so happy

  5. I know I've said this before, but this is definitely the cutest thing ever!!!!!I can't believe my eyes!!!! :)
    What beach pictures you are refering to? The honeymoon?I couldn't find anywhere!

  6. She looks, so, so pretty with her hair up. I can't say it enough :P

    Love the hug... and yes, I really loved to see William enjoying himself in such a way. I think we see him so serious because he dislikes the paparazzi-photographers, etc. Sometimes I even think he dislikes being the future king and he seems annoyed to take part in the events and have the attention.

    Plus there have been a lot of rumors; I just read that when he broke up with Kate in 2007 he thought he could "do better" O.o, and that he was pressured into committing with her bc he had already been dating for so long that it would have been frowned upon had he not married her after having her wait... Anyway, I guess we will never know. Although I am curious to read ANDRE NORTON's book now :p

    Going back to the pictures, what a great shot! :)


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