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Olympics Wrap Up + Kate Wore Old Classic Skirt

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Well, hello to you all!  Halfway through the Olympics I dropped off the planet, I know.  I was really swamped with some other stuff, but I was also kind of bored.  I love seeing Kate, but I didn't want to a blog a separate post for every event she showed up to wearing skinnies, wedges, and some variation on the Olympic apparel polo. BUT, it is high time to emerge once again, because I was just thinking how I miss Kate.  We need a fancy appearance, honestly, but I also like the candid shots.

Twitter, which can be an awesome source of news, or the ultimate stalker's paradise, has delivered once again with a shot of the Duchess shopping in Anglesey for groceries.  Little grainy, but beggers can't be choosers. Kate and William are back to quiet life near his base.  Just the other day I read he had helped to save a young girl who almost drowned trying to save her sister.  

There were some great moments in the Olympics that we missed, so let's catch up ever so briefly. This skirt s either a really old repeat or she likes the style.  Kate wore a similar (or the same one) years ago and I absolutely love it.  It actually features in one of my favorite pictures of her from back in the day.

This was classic Kate Middleton. Suede boots, preppy sweater, hair loose, I think those are coach sunglasses.  Relaxed and gorgeous.  Miss this sometimes...

Meanwhile back in the present day, what was going on in this sequence?  I thought this was really odd until I considered the odd faces I pull at sports games...

Kate was at synchronized swimming and look at Prince Albert of Monaco behind her.  Haha, talk about grumpy!

Kate hung out with Harry a lot because Wills had to go back to work.  

She looked windswept and gorgeous watching sailing from a boat...

and red shoes...

Kate attended the closing ceremony in the Whistles she wore to the Diamond Jubilee Concert.  Speaking of, what a dreadful closing.  I was so excited for the ceremony because I heard they had built miniatures of famous attractions and then it just turned out very creepy.

Anyway, William and Kate on Royal Tour in September!!  Hopefully, Harry's Vegas indiscretions will blow over quickly... 

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