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Solomon Islands Day 7: Kate Wears Navy Mulberry for Second Look

Monday, September 17, 2012

The next outfit change came when Kate and William flew to one of the islands and Kate emerged in a navy blue Mulberry. This is a much better color on her than the almost neon yellow of the Jaeger.  Sets her tan off well and compliments her hair and eyes.

In what was certainly one of this tours most bizarre ironies, William and Kate were greeted by topless island women.  Kate's sense of humor ever intact, appeared unable to suppress her laughter.  I know her pain. Sometimes, you just can't hold it in.  I have so many stories that end with me bursting into ill-timed laughter while people around me judge.  William's face here is also pretty priceless.  He's like, oooookkkk.

Kate's hair looks striking in these photos.  Clearly taking in the humidity, but holding its own and frankly looking pretty darn good.  Sometimes humidity just gives you some extra volume, and it looks like that is happening here.  Love it.

I think the recent topless encounter has William a little pensive.  His lawyer appeared in French court today arguing that the photos of Kate were invasive and brought back memories of the hunted Diana.  He said the pictures were of a young woman, not an object.  I think that is a pretty good argument.

That fake shark in the background is circled their canoe earlier. I think I read somewhere that the islanders used to worship the shark.  The exact symbolism here escapes me.

We don't often get to see the royals wandering sandy paths barefoot.  This day looked the most fun, to me.  Much like the quiet time they got midway through their Canadian tour, William and Kate spent the night at an island resort, where they enjoyed some much needed privacy.

Solomon Islands Day 7: Kate Starts in Yellow Jaeger

Kate started her day in a yellow Jaeger dress, with capped sleeves.  I already said on Facebook and Twitter that I don't like the dress, but it is the capped sleeves that I particularly don't like.  Still, when I saw more pictures Kate made even this dress look good.

William and Kate met with the Prime Minister at the start of the day and then continued on to tour villages and communities, learning about the culture and lifestyle of the people of these South Pacific Islands. The rain didn't hold off, however, and the couple had to use umbrellas at points.

I think the color is a little too bright for me, but this dress has grown on me.  Kate pulls off another fashion victory.

Solomon Islands Day 6: Kate and William Greeted by 70,000

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Is it day 6?  For us? For them?  I am supposed to be on top of this stuff, but I am totally not. So I will just toss photos your way with my comments and hope for the best.  William and kate landed in the Solomon Islands, 15 hours ahead of the United States.  Frankly, they are so far around the globe they are almost hitting Hawaii--it is bizarre.

One of these welcomers was dashing about with a tomahawk or something, and let me just tell you, the security guards looked perturbed!  Hahaha, what a fun welcome, though.

The couple was warmly welcomed at the airport and ceremoniously driving to their accommodation.  70,000 people, the biggest crowd yet, turned out to cheer the royal couple.  Kate was wearing a lovely Jonathan Saunders printed dress and a Jane Taylor hat.

Richard Palmer wrote a great piece for the examiner and when I read it this morning this passage struck me. He was interviewing locals and got this quote:
“We just heard about Kate when she got married to the Prince. She is the chosen one. That makes her very important.”
They just heard about her when she married William!  What a refreshing place to be, particularly in the midst of this photo storm.  A place where everyone is excited to see you and doesn't know your business.  I hoep Kate is soaking it up.  Since it is Sunday, they were taken to the Cathedral where they attended an Anglican service.

This trip was full of surprises.  At their hotel where they were to prepare for the evening festivities, Kate and William found gifts.  Kate was given a dress and she liked it so much she ditched her planned attire and wore this pink dress!  It was a lovely gesture, but I hope it doesn't set a precedent.  What happens if she doesn't like something...

The two looked great, Kate was radiant.  Kate is weathering this storm with such grace and strength.  She is a strong woman.  When William broke up with her in 2007 she put her party shoes on and smiled at the cameras. That is hard.  Half the world jealous and against you, dumped by your prince, heartbroken, cameras ready to snap every lowered lid and moody glance--that girl didn't run and she isn't running now.  She is smiling and cheerful, and she has a ring on her finger and the love of her life by her side.  She is going to be just fine.

Yesterday, when boarding the plane, Kate wore an oldie.  What Kate Wore and her gals say it is as old as 2002.  That is back there.  Gosh, were those times fun or what.  I miss the Kate Middleton days, as much as I love watching happily ever after play out.

The dress back in the day, thanks to Fashionably Royal...  Make sure you read Palmer's article.  I loved it.

I am just too swamped.  Sorry this post is so late.

Asia Day 5: Up In the Air Sabah Rainforest

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Smiles from William and Kate as they spent the day up in the air as they toured the rain forest in Sabah.  This event is definitely not about fashion, so I am not going to comment.  Most importantly, the couple got to get away from the crowds and enjoy some soothing nature, as a Irish newspaper published the French photos of Kate.

It is certainly an interesting look for the Ducal pair, but they couldn't be cuter together.  Even relaxed, these outfits look lightly coordinated.

 More later this evening...

Asia Day 4: Royal Tea Party in Temperley

Friday, September 14, 2012

Closing their day, William and Kate attended a tea party and Kate debuted my favorite dress of the tour thus far.  No surprise this delicate and feminine dress is designed by Alice Temperley and is striking.

The smiles and laughter seemed to fade as the couple left the tea.

It was the end of the long day and I think the pressure of keeping up a strong facade was beginning to wear.  William was practically scowling at photographers when they left the tea and headed to the airport. As they walked up to their plane Kate mustered a smile, but William continued to glower.  There was no cheerful wave at the top of the steps, only Kate's calming hand on her husband's back as they disappeared into the quiet of the cabin. 

Kate's Topless Photo Scandal

I am going to quickly address the topless photos of Kate that have been published by a French magazine.  It is well known that I do not have a problem with paparazzi photos.  Pictures of Kate on high street are fine to me, pictures of Kate walking the beach, walking in a Scottish park, walking in Kensington Gardens--all fine. Kate topless is not ok. What kind of a society can't make a distinction between snaps of a woman walking a public beach and this kind of invasion of her modesty?  Is chivalry dead in France?

I will not post these photos, and I encourage you all to not look them up or share them either.  Remember that these photos spread on Tumblr, so if you have an account, don't share them! Don't retweet if you see them on Twitter.

Unfortunately, I think this will leave a very unpleasant taste in Kate's mouth toward the public.  The natural reaction to invasions of privacy is to withdraw.

Kate has pulled herself together like a real princess and I think the palace and her grandmother-in-law will be very proud.  As the stony faced Prince William and somber looking Kate boarded their plane this evening, Kate was the one who appeared to be consoling William. A  man's reaction is to protect his wife, and I am sure his anger is through the roof.

Let's try to focus on what was a happy and fantastic tour.

Asia Day 4: Beulah for Mosque and Walkabout

This morning the couple visited a Mosque, and in keeping with tradition, Kate wore a head scarf.  She chose a very modest and absolutely lovely Beulah London.  The sleeves are clearly reminiscent of the red floor length Beulah she wore, as well as the shorter Blossom dress that she chose for a friend's wedding.  The filmy character of the dress and delicate blue all are perfect!

After the Mosque, William and Kate put their shoes back on and began a walk about.  Kate kept her chin up throughout the day, after she was informed at breakfast that invasive and revealing photos of her were published in France.  The couple were reported to be very upset by the news.  She didn't miss a beat today, but was completely engaged by her surroundings and the many, many fans who braved the heat to get a glimpse of the gorgeous princess.

Her hair really looks great when pulled up.  She was dazzling today, the fitting response of a princess and a lady to the ugliness to which the tabloids have sunk. I think the Queen will be proud.