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Asia Day 2: 2nd Look, Raoul for Queenstown and Rainbow Center

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

William and Kate headed to Queenstown next, a housing community named in honor of Queen Elizabeth II's 1952 coronation.  Kate changed into filmy Raoul separates.  I like the breezy fabric, and I like that it is different. We are seeing some unusual choices from Kate thus far--unusual for her style, not unusual in a stylistic sense. 

William was looking pretty dapper himself.  I don't think these sleeves do anything for her arms.  Aaah, I don't think I am crazy about this dress. 

They visited a a school for special needs children, as well.  

Kate made this outfit work.  I don't know that I like the pattern.  It seems like one of those sneaky outfits you love in the dressing room and not so much later.  I don't know... It's ok. 

Video from earlier in the day and this posts look as well:

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