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Asia Day 2: Kate Wears McQueen to the Gardens by the Bay.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kate kicked off day two of the Asian tour in an Alexander McQueen.  The white eyelet is perfect for tropic weather and I love the peplum style that Kate has been in to these past few months.  William and Kate visited Gardens By the Bay, and got quite the tour.  William seemed to feel the heat of the hothouse once or twice, but the always immaculate Kate looked cool and fresh.

The white of the dress highlights her tan, and the v-neck is very reminiscent of her wedding dress by the same designer.  She is rocking those sky high cork wedges, too.  Sometimes I wonder how she walks so gracefully tottering way up there.

Watch this short video to see this lovely dress in motion:

They also visited a Rolls Royce factory.  This first shot gives you a nice close up of the material of her dress.

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