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Asia Day 3: Jenny P for War Memorial and First Overseas Speech

Thursday, September 13, 2012

William and Kate flew to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia as one of the most hotly anticipated days of the tour commenced.  But they had one stop before leaving Singapore: the Kranji War Memorial, dedicated to members of the British military as well as other nations who defended the region during World War II.

Although she had declined the shade of an umbrella yesterday, for today's walk in the cemetery she did carry a parasol, which turned out to be a lovely accessory.  A cemetery is such a beautiful place, and certainly this one with the spirit of sacrifice and freedom, and the pair got to spend some quiet reflection before continuing their day's activities.

See a short video clip with footage of their visit here:

Daily Motion Link: Great footage of William and Kate

Once they touched down in Malaysia, the two were whisked off to lunch at the Prime Minister's residence.

Kate had enough to think about without changing as well, since their next stop was a children's hospice where she made her second speech as a royal and her first one overseas. 

See the Telegraph's video of her speech by clicking here.  The consensus seems to be that Kate was awesome.  Better than the last time, more relaxed, a little more natural.  I feel like she won't fully hit her stride until each speech isn't anticipated like a kid about to take his first ride without training wheels.  We shall see... Cute moment between the two after the speech.  Her first speech was of course given while William was deployed.

Pretty dress, meaningful tour stops, and a lovely speech.  Pretty good day's work. Still to come, Kate's evening choice at dinner this evening...

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