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Asia Day 4: Royal Tea Party in Temperley

Friday, September 14, 2012

Closing their day, William and Kate attended a tea party and Kate debuted my favorite dress of the tour thus far.  No surprise this delicate and feminine dress is designed by Alice Temperley and is striking.

The smiles and laughter seemed to fade as the couple left the tea.

It was the end of the long day and I think the pressure of keeping up a strong facade was beginning to wear.  William was practically scowling at photographers when they left the tea and headed to the airport. As they walked up to their plane Kate mustered a smile, but William continued to glower.  There was no cheerful wave at the top of the steps, only Kate's calming hand on her husband's back as they disappeared into the quiet of the cabin. 


  1. Bless their hearts! The invasion of their privacy is DESPICABLE! Catherine & William have NOTHING to be ashamed of. They are husband and wife doing what a husband and wife should have SOME expectation of privacy to do.
    I think they have done wonderfully under this ridiculous incident.

  2. Hooray - the omnipresent clutch has been dispensed with! Is Kate starting a new fashion?


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