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Malaysia: Singapore, Arrival and Botanical Gardens

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kate and William kicked their tour off in Singapore today and it is going to be an interesting one.  As appropriate, her fashion choices are reflecting the host country.  She arrived in a kimono style dress by .Jenny Packham. From a distance it looks like a pale pink, but on closer inspection it has a floral design.  The design reminds me of the dress she wore to the Santa Barbara Polo Club.  I didn't really like that dress, but this one is a hit.

Kate looks really great in v-necklines, and the way this dress mixes he pajama-y feeling of a kimono with the qualities of a dress--as is appropriate--work very well. 

William and Kate were picked up from the airport and taken to the Botanical Gardens were they viewed an orchid named after Princess Diana as well as flowers named after the new royal couple, Vanda William Catherine.

After their grueling flight, the pair only had one other event today, the State dinner held to welcome them.  If you were excited to see a floorlength dress and tiara, you are out of luck. She wore a dress by Singapore-born designer, Prabal Gurung.  I have never heard of him, but it is a very interesting dress.  I kind of like it.  I kind of think it is different.

It is another one of those cases where she should have worn her hair up, given how bust the bodice design is.  Oh well.  Much was made of Kate lifting a glass of water rather than alcohol, but honestly, she may just steer clear of alcohol when on the road because of the increased calories and no gym time.  Then again, one of these days she actually will be pregnant.  Who knows.  Let's relax until we know.


  1. I wouldn't be going near alcohol with the jet lag and tiredness she must surely be feeling due to the time difference - and 7pm at night in Singapore would've felt like 11am in London, so not a 'normal' time to be having a glass of wine!

  2. I liked the second dress, it's very different in a good way.I'm tired of these pregnancy rummors, the anxiety surrounding this it's really bad!When she's pregnant, we'll know!

  3. If you have not noticed by now, the Jenny Packham dress' floral design is orchid. Very apropos, is it not?


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