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Solomon Islands Day 6: Kate and William Greeted by 70,000

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Is it day 6?  For us? For them?  I am supposed to be on top of this stuff, but I am totally not. So I will just toss photos your way with my comments and hope for the best.  William and kate landed in the Solomon Islands, 15 hours ahead of the United States.  Frankly, they are so far around the globe they are almost hitting Hawaii--it is bizarre.

One of these welcomers was dashing about with a tomahawk or something, and let me just tell you, the security guards looked perturbed!  Hahaha, what a fun welcome, though.

The couple was warmly welcomed at the airport and ceremoniously driving to their accommodation.  70,000 people, the biggest crowd yet, turned out to cheer the royal couple.  Kate was wearing a lovely Jonathan Saunders printed dress and a Jane Taylor hat.

Richard Palmer wrote a great piece for the examiner and when I read it this morning this passage struck me. He was interviewing locals and got this quote:
“We just heard about Kate when she got married to the Prince. She is the chosen one. That makes her very important.”
They just heard about her when she married William!  What a refreshing place to be, particularly in the midst of this photo storm.  A place where everyone is excited to see you and doesn't know your business.  I hoep Kate is soaking it up.  Since it is Sunday, they were taken to the Cathedral where they attended an Anglican service.

This trip was full of surprises.  At their hotel where they were to prepare for the evening festivities, Kate and William found gifts.  Kate was given a dress and she liked it so much she ditched her planned attire and wore this pink dress!  It was a lovely gesture, but I hope it doesn't set a precedent.  What happens if she doesn't like something...

The two looked great, Kate was radiant.  Kate is weathering this storm with such grace and strength.  She is a strong woman.  When William broke up with her in 2007 she put her party shoes on and smiled at the cameras. That is hard.  Half the world jealous and against you, dumped by your prince, heartbroken, cameras ready to snap every lowered lid and moody glance--that girl didn't run and she isn't running now.  She is smiling and cheerful, and she has a ring on her finger and the love of her life by her side.  She is going to be just fine.

Yesterday, when boarding the plane, Kate wore an oldie.  What Kate Wore and her gals say it is as old as 2002.  That is back there.  Gosh, were those times fun or what.  I miss the Kate Middleton days, as much as I love watching happily ever after play out.

The dress back in the day, thanks to Fashionably Royal...  Make sure you read Palmer's article.  I loved it.

I am just too swamped.  Sorry this post is so late.

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  1. Awesome post and thanks for the mention! (I totally sent a comment when you initially wrote this, but I've been having internet issues that decides to randomly stop working, so I guess it did that before my comment went through...haha)


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