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Solomon Islands Day 7: Kate Wears Navy Mulberry for Second Look

Monday, September 17, 2012

The next outfit change came when Kate and William flew to one of the islands and Kate emerged in a navy blue Mulberry. This is a much better color on her than the almost neon yellow of the Jaeger.  Sets her tan off well and compliments her hair and eyes.

In what was certainly one of this tours most bizarre ironies, William and Kate were greeted by topless island women.  Kate's sense of humor ever intact, appeared unable to suppress her laughter.  I know her pain. Sometimes, you just can't hold it in.  I have so many stories that end with me bursting into ill-timed laughter while people around me judge.  William's face here is also pretty priceless.  He's like, oooookkkk.

Kate's hair looks striking in these photos.  Clearly taking in the humidity, but holding its own and frankly looking pretty darn good.  Sometimes humidity just gives you some extra volume, and it looks like that is happening here.  Love it.

I think the recent topless encounter has William a little pensive.  His lawyer appeared in French court today arguing that the photos of Kate were invasive and brought back memories of the hunted Diana.  He said the pictures were of a young woman, not an object.  I think that is a pretty good argument.

That fake shark in the background is circled their canoe earlier. I think I read somewhere that the islanders used to worship the shark.  The exact symbolism here escapes me.

We don't often get to see the royals wandering sandy paths barefoot.  This day looked the most fun, to me.  Much like the quiet time they got midway through their Canadian tour, William and Kate spent the night at an island resort, where they enjoyed some much needed privacy.

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  1. I agree, her hair looks gorgeous , lucky her!! But i'm not much of a fan of the dress.... doesn't really do anything for her. It's pretty, but just too plain


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