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Kate Wears Aquatalia Boots for Football Training Center

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oh my gosh.  Some lovely nostalgia for you today. Kate wore a Reiss coat and her Aquatalia boots to the opening of the Football Association's massive national training center.  Kate was definitely displaying her old faithful looks, the coat certainly is very much in keeping with her older style, but it is the boots that really made this her signature pre-wedding look.  The tour around the UK before the wedding saw lots of black stocking, boots, and lovely coats.

I don't need to tell you that I loved this.  Forest green looks great on her.  Remember the green coat from St. Patrick's Day?  I loved it!  This whole look is actually a repeat, although it is the first public appearance   Kate wore this coat and these boots to the Christmas morning communion service before she changed to the maroon outfit for the later more public service. See the pictures from Christmas here.

I was just thinking yesterday that we might have seen the last of the boots on public appearances  so I was thrilled when we got the shots today. I was wearing my pair of these Aquatalia's yesterday and some little girl complimented me on them.  I said, "Oh thank you, do you know who Kate Middleton is?"  But she responded, no.  Depressing.  She knows who Selena Gomez is, but not Kate Middleton.  I despair.

Someone asked how Kate signs her name, and as a royal, she signs it simply Catherine. I have heard rumors that Kate and William refer to themselves as the Mr. and Mrs. Wales and others who claim Kate has referred to herself as Mrs. Cambridge, but when acting in a royal capacity she is The Duchess of Cambridge, or Catherine.

As usual, they toured the facilities and chatted with different individuals in training, played with the equipment...

William and Kate were scheduled for engagements tomorrow but Kate will take them on by herself.  The Daily Mail reports that William is attending the funeral of his former nanny.  Read the article and some great pictures here

1 comment:

  1. I always wondered about her signature, but what about her documents, like ID and these kind of things. What's written there?
    Loved the outfit btw!


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